Politicians try to mask pain of gas tax hike

Gas-Pump-blue-generic+flippedHave you ever had a tooth extracted without Novocain or some other pain killer? When facing something painful, it’s always helpful to apply a numbing agent and, when administered by competent medical personnel, anesthesia provides effective relief. But when politicians try to mask pain, be skeptical.

The 12 cent increase in California’s gas tax which took effect this week has garnered a great deal of media attention, much of it negative. That explains why California Democrats have tried to mask the pain of the tax hike.

In perhaps their most deceptive move ever, California Democrats chose the same day that gas prices traditionally go down by 12 cents to increase them by 12 cents. Nov. 1 was the first day California’s cheaper “winter blend” gas can be sold which costs about 12 cents less a gallon. Nov. 1 was also the day that the 12 cent per gallon tax goes into effect statewide.

But this is just phase one of a yearly $5 billion tax hike on California families.

The largest gas tax hike in state history means drivers will pay a total of 50 cents a gallon in taxes to the state when they fill up. By 2019 it will have risen to 57 cents a gallon. Diesel truck drivers are getting hit too. Their price per gallon will jump 20 cents a gallon and will also include a 4 percent sales tax increase. Note that these figures do not include the excise tax from the federal government, another 18 cents per gallon.

Phase two will hit when you re-register your vehicle next year. The average driver will pay $50 more than last year due to a brand new “transportation improvement fee,” though some could pay up to $175. Electric car owners aren’t off the hook either. They’ll pay $100 more a year to register starting in 2020. …

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  1. California resident and in 2018 every single piece of trash Democrate needs to be thrown out of office. They are nothing but crooked, corrupt garbage..Wake up California and vote this trash out…..DEMS SUCK

    • THE CAPTIVE says

      You’re right on! Talk about RAPE WOW! these very vile and hateful Dems=Lib-Lefts have raped and criminally stolen so much and continue to do so. I hate their criminal acts and this reflects on their attitudes toward CRIMINALITY. This is a captive state and when will the tables be turned on these CRIMINAL POLITICIANS? So far-never!

  2. Stephanie Hart says

    Voters are to blame for this mess. They keep electing these knuckleheads over and over again. The middle class is getting hammered by Jerry Brown and the Democratic Party, but people keep voting them into office. The state is completely controlled now by Government workers, elites and voters with no skin in the game, i.e., they don’t pay taxes and are recipients of the welfare state.

    • Well yes, but many have no idea what they voted for because a willing media keeps them blind and dumb.

      In the SF Bay Area media the gas tax never happened.
      The Oroville dam disaster was just an accident caused by excess rain.
      Roads are crowded and crumbling because Dems are just so good at creating jobs!
      We have nothing to fear but climate change and anyone with a gun!..but we won’t prosecute illegal gun crimes because that’s racist.

  3. For those that continue to vote in Democrats election after election, please review how much more of your money is going to programs you don’t like and how much emptier your wallet is. They will NEVER stop in their effort to control our lives via our pocketbook.
    Throw them out. I guess CA did not get the message on 11-8-16 and now look how America is doing financially. MOST Assy/Sen in state have no clue, no business background or common sense.
    WE ARE BROKE! Thanks Dems………..

  4. retiredxlr8r says

    If they tried to mask the increase then in this household, they failed.
    Our California legislature, try as they might, pretty much fail at most everything they accomplish, or try to. Budgeting the tax revenues, building safe roads, and protecting our citizens, all failures.
    This gas and license fee hikes will effect the poorest most, middle income somewhat and almost every commodity sold in the state that has to be transported by car, pickup, semi, train or boat! And believe me none of those providers and suppliers, transporters and haulers will pay the tax and license fee, the consumer will. Every loaf of bread, every can of beans, every beer, and let’s not forget the gas and diesel. We all will pay a high price for the stupidity of those illegals serving in the California Legislature.
    Thanks for nothing!

  5. TheRandyGuy says

    No point in complaining: The Dems understand they own Sacramento and will continue to do so NO MATTER WHAT THEY DO. Prop 13 is next in their sights. CA voters choose this every election. Pay up and shut up.

    • sweetsuzee says

      Wait until those ignorant fools go to register their vehicles next year. Are they in for one heck of a surprise !!

  6. Freedome Fighter says

    Why would CA even vote for an idiot that was already in office and showed he was an idiot??? Yep – voting the Dem ticket is definitely destroying this state!

  7. Believe me the tax money they say r for the roads, infrastructure etc is A LIE!!! OUR money is going to Santuary Cities. Since the Pres. is cutting $$$$ to states who r protecting the illegal criminals the DamnOCraps r stealing more of our hard earned tax dollars to continue giving illegals including the illegal criminals all the freebies and providing them Sanctuary.
    Had enough of the DamnOCraps??? Especially Brown! He’s worse than he was when he was Gov. In the 70’s. Thanks to all u Morons who elected him to continue to run Cali into the ditch & change California to Mexifornia?

    • sweetsuzee says

      The minute Cesar Chavez nominated him in, 1974 I believe it was, everyone should have seen the writing on the wall.

  8. Rottweiler says

    They deserve everything they voted for. It is just you and me who are the innocent victims but honestly who will retire here anyhow? Too expensive and the Democraps/Progressive leftists are all ANTIFA angry. No one needs their dumb ideas, low flush toilet you have to flush 5 times to get waste down, light bulbs with mercury now in the landfills, common core education, thousands of windmills defacing the environment all for powering one laptop, batteries of their prius costing millions to recycle, and the list goes on and on from the brain dead left. Everything is hysterical and everything is vitriolic. What a hateful unhappy lot.

  9. The environmentalist are over joyed at the increase in gasoline prices. They want to force you out of your privately owned auto for government buses, rail and bikes.

    At the same time oil has decided to take off and is now approximately $1.00 per barrel higher than last year. The price at the pump is now running around $.30 cents more. For every $.50 cents it takes approximately $100 out of the taxpayers wallet, making everything more expensive.

    Big government loves it since it forces more people on welfare.

    Stupid is as Stupid does…..still voting Democrat?

  10. Changed my official residence to NV, bought a diesel pick-up with an aux. 50-gl tank, and now on my few trips back to CA I buy fuel before leaving NV, and when I return, but never in CA.

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