Recalling a California Governor, Explained

Gov. Gavin Newsom is fighting for his political life. He’s working to fend off a recall that began as a far-fetched effort by Republican activists — but has turned into a credible campaign that could throw the Democrat out of office.

It’s hard to fathom in this deep blue state where Newsom clobbered his 2018 GOP opponent, although his job approval among voters has plunged from its high in the early months of the pandemic. But the coronavirus pandemic shifted California’s political landscape in two significant ways: It prompted a judge to give recall supporters more time to collect signatures — keeping their campaign alive long enough to gain momentum — and it led Newsom to enact a slew of new restrictions to curb the spread of the virus that have frustrated some Californians and energized recall backers. 

The recall petition doesn’t say a word about the pandemic — it was written before the virus upended normal life. But it gained a surge of signatures after news broke in November that a maskless Newsom joined lobbyists for a dinner party at the posh French Laundry restaurant, even though he was telling Californians to mask up and avoid socializing. The count grew as the state’s unemployment system paid out billions to fraudsters, and its chaotic COVID vaccine distribution left people scrambling for shots. With many schools, churches and businesses closed by Newsom’s stay-at-home orders, the recall that began as a conservative rebuke of his progressive policies has morphed into a referendum on his pandemic response.  

So is it election year again in California? Will you be asked to toss a governor just a year shy of the end of his term? It seems likely. Recall supporters say they collected more than enough signatures necessary by the March 17 deadline to get it on the ballot. Here’s everything you need to know about recall elections in the Golden State. …

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  1. Linda Diehl says

    As a California taxpayer for 15+ years, I strongly feel we MUST break this Democrat prison in which ALL California residents are trapped!
    It’s one horrible Gordian’s knot of pay for play — on the International level — (Newsom buying cheap masks from CCP) and ZoRRoz funding illegal aliens coming to California and funding campaigns of his chosen County level Attorneys General) — on the national level (Newsom changing California voting laws at last minute in California) — on the state level (Newsom pushing a train we will NEVER use, cutting our agricultural water and ignoring CalFIRES!! — and on the local level (again — to the massive funding of local Dem politicians while California Conservative voters are saving pennies to back support Conservative representatives). WE MUST STOP THIS CRIPPLING DECADES-LONG DEMOCRAT TYRANNY!! VOTE LOGICALLY AND LOCALLY FOR CALIFORNIA! VOTE CONSERVATIVES FOR CALIFORNIA — LOCAL, STATE AND FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!! I am voting for Richard Grennell and encourage everyone to look at his FixCalifornia website and support this great movement for the survival of California. BUT #1 LEARN! #2 THINK LOGICALLY! #3 GET INVOLVED LOCALLY! #4 VOTE
    God bless California, and God bless America.

  2. And remember when he gave a contract worth millions to a Chinese outfit to build PPE devices only to have them declared “junque” by the FDA? And remember when there was a furor over DeSantis giving 100K to Publix to distribute vaccine because a COMMITTEE chose Publix, not DeSantis but our Clairol Queen gave Blue Shield 20 MILLION dollars to distribute vaccine in Kaliforniastan and not a word was said? And remember when he was caught inside the French Laundry whooping it up with his donors while the rest of us ate Burger King? And remember when his kids never missed a day of school because they were in expensive private schools? And remember when he kept his winery open while the rest of us couldn’t leave the house? This is just the start of my “remembrance list”!

  3. It is unfortunate that previous elected officials (I avoid the word “leaders”) have inflicted upon the 40 million California residents’ regulations and laws that have the State’s residents bearing the most expensive electricity and fuels in the nation.

    Governor Newsom has done absolutely nothing to lower those energy costs, but on the contrary, continues to do everything possible to further increase energy costs for its residents. All of which perpetuates the growth of homelessness, poverty rates, and overcrowding in America.

    With almost half of the population being Hispanic or African Americans, that have incomes significantly less than Whites, those growing energy costs are regressive upon those that can least afford more daily expense to their limited income as it takes up a lot bigger chunk of the budget of a lower middle-class family than it does an upper middle-class one.

    I will let other address the Governors management of the pandemic and the effects on the economy.
    The only good job the Governor has done is to kill the economy. Any Governor that has done, and perpetuates further financial burdens upon its residents, needs to be recalled from that position of authority.

  4. It is interesting that Newsom and Brown had no problems with Weiner’s stupid infill bill. It destroys ALL zoning regulations in the State.

    Want a high density lot line to lot line development in the middle of single family homes? Go for it because the Democrats do not care. Want to make a point regardless if D or R? Recall Slick, I’ll dine at the laundry and let the rest of the state stand in line outside Club Mac for take out.

    Understand you have the opportunity to defend your neighborhood. Recall Slick. Stop the Socialist destruction of the State. Remember, additional income taxes and sales taxes are on the way. You want quality of life? Recall.

  5. Joe Claypool says

    It is time for Newsom and the rest of the California Cabal to go.
    Next up: Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters, two old ladies who do nothing for their constituents while they , the Dem Witches, live in mansions.

  6. It is a classic voter dilemma “Shall I vote for the pretty guy who promises the free stuff, plays with my freedoms and bankrupts the state or do I vote for real conservative that supports a meritocracy? Study the history of the shameful decades of destruction of California under democrat rule…Name ONE democrat run state that would survive today without federal hand outs. Ain’t none. The mid terms will determine the fate of America. A one party country will never work. Do not let the non producers decide our fate. Vote as if your life depends on the outcome! It does.

  7. Talk…Talk….Talk…..What is the delay ? AND more importantly, who is GOP backing and where is he candidate? Really, beginning to doubt this whole RECALL effort!

  8. Three quarters of the nation is totally unaware of what is happening. With the money the Federal Government is borrowing to bail out their cronies in the blue states causes inflation to flood the country, the money that people have in 401 K saving for retirement plans will be worth half as much and then one quarter as much and then worthless. What do you think happened to the countries in South America? They had Socialists running them into the ground.

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