Sacramento Democrats Kill Gas Tax Relief, Transparency

As a participant in capital politics for more than 30 years, I’ve observed many abuses of power. Corruption, pettiness, gross narcissism, and dirty tricks have all increased in recent years both in terms of frequency and shock value. The latest incident, and honestly one of the more disturbing I have seen, occurred in the Assembly Transportation Committee last week.

Californians are reeling at the pump as our gas prices are the highest in the nation. The working poor and middle class are begging the Legislature for relief, which is why Assemblyman Kevin Kiley, R-Rocklin, introduced AB 1638. The bill would simply suspend the gas tax for six months.

Democrats are loath to return money to those who earned it, which is why they planned to ambush Kiley’s proposal. But their plan, much like Putin’s ill-advised invasion of Ukraine, backfired badly.

Although the bill hadn’t appeared on the agenda for the day’s hearing, Kiley was told it would be heard in committee on just a couple of hours’ notice. When he arrived, he noticed an Assembly parliamentarian was in the room, strong evidence that some procedural scheme was being cooked up.

Following the legislative formalities, the first member of the committee to speak on the bill was Alex Lee, D-San Jose. After railing on the oil companies, he immediately moved to strike all the contents of Kiley’s bill and replace it with a new tax on gas suppliers. Revenue from that tax would supposedly be sent out to people in the form of a rebate. So, in a matter of minutes, Kiley’s gas tax cut had somehow turned into a gas tax increase.

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  1. SURPRISED??? Keep voting these B_turds back!!!!

  2. Really??? says

    I heard his objections and he clearly stated he would not have his name attached to this fraud.

    It is simple suspend the tax, it takes no time to enact, the people given relief are the people driving gas vehicles, and those getting the best relief are the working poor and middle class.

    Getting it? The very people the Democrat idiots state they want to defend.

  3. Mr_ Pickle says

    Californians are suffering in the pocketbook. Many low income folks struggling. Democrat one party rule is shining through loud and clear. EVERYTHING environmental related has HUGE cost over existing fossil fuel powered vehicles, and Joe Average gets the enema. Only ONE way to get our state back is to have BALANCE in the legislature, and not the commie Dems we have now. They could care less………… We need BOTH kinds of power plants, your choice, BUT the damn subsidies must stop. If something cannot SELL on its own merits, if needs to die. I HATE my taxes to go to subsidies to buy electric.

  4. TheRandyGuy says

    No complaining. Voters elected one-party rule with full knowledge of what they believe. Unless you elect Republicans (and nobody thinks that will ever happen), make plans to leave CA. We are.

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