State Auditor Finds Lots Of Illegal Activity

It’s no secret that those who complain about taxes — and who doesn’t — tend to focus on how much money is taken from our wallets and pocketbooks. In California, government takes a lot with highest in the nation tax rates in most categories. But equally insulting is the poor level of service we get for our tax dollars.

Regrettably, some behavior by government employees transcends “normal” government inefficiency and encroaches into actual illegality.

Elaine Howle, the California State Auditor, pursuant to the California Whistleblower Protection Act, conducts an annual review of improper governmental activity. The latest report, released last month, reflects just a small percentage of cases brought to her office for investigation.

The results are depressing to say the least. Here are some of the notable examples.

The first involves overpayments by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) to employees. The taxpayers should have been able to recover that money, but it’s not going to happen. As much as $1.5 million in overpayments of salary advances was forfeited by the agency because it failed to provide notice to the employees within a three-year time limit. According to the State Auditor “Inefficiency and incompetency in Caltrans’ division of human resources contributed significantly to its failure to notify recipients and collect on the outstanding salary advances.”

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  1. Really??? says

    What do you mean by poor service???

    Are you talking about offices not open on alternative Fridays? I know it is the arrogant attitude of the guy behind the phone who could care less.

    Or perhaps it is the call to fix a badly eroded street and told the “new bike” path is going in with the money you paid in gasoline taxes. HUH? I thought it was supposed to fix streets.

    It is institutional and embedded because you voted for politicians who could care less. They were hired by these types you voted for.

  2. Chris Renner says

    Bureaucrats being given arbitrary money. California corporations restricting / censoring content. Inefficiency and incompetency running through state government administration. 230 state agencies that accomplish little if anything from year to year. Churches prevented from conducting services. Language being changed (What is a birthing unit?) When California takes over your health care, you’re done. Communism will be complete. Get out before it’s too late!

  3. J Schultz says

    Citizens should looking seriously at limiting the term of not only politicians but also civil servants. This so-called government has become an industrialized honey pot for immigrants who cannot speak English and bring with them the corrupt habits of their back home governments, Americans with little to no education but learn the burearcracy adequately enough to run rampant, and educated and degreed individuals who take high oaying jobs in fields they have no knowledge in but qualify for the 1/4 million dollar salary based on their “education.” So when you have a human resource problem, you may be talking to someone with a home economics degree. Or call a City inspector for a construction job and you talk to a person incapable of understanding English adequately enough to know the issues of give and take. We are victims of fiefdom rule, fully backed by one of the most powerful self serving Unions in the nation. Really, term limits for those who want to serve the citizens – not cush pork barrel careers. And no one is accountable. It all comes down to “I didnt receive adequate training as a viable defense.”

  4. Why are they allowed to move budgeted money around after its been allocated to a specific requirement?
    Who is responsible . Why aren’t they going to jail?? No wonder there is never enough money to fix things. Many have become very wealthy. Those are the ones that want things to stay the same.

    Your example of a 3 year time limit on overpayments is absurd . One thing obviously missing is accountability . You need to fire those responsible.


  6. Public employment is out of control!
    Where once working for the city or state was consider a secure employment with moderate benefits and a small retirement.
    Now, salaries, benefits, and retirement more than compete with private industry, in most cases they exceed.
    So, now we have an albatross around our necks with the majority of city and state employees being Democrats or some other Left leaning organization. Why? It is where their salaries, benefits, and retirement come from. Not wanting to upset their bank balance, they will selfishly vote to increase their take and minimize their effort.
    These same individuals, difficult to fire, have no incentive to perform, and we therefore end up with incompetence. So money wasting is not an issue to them, just the Taxpayer and he has no vote in California – Democrats have corrupted that!

  7. Paul G. Greven Jr. says

    I am sure this is a common problem.
    We went to pull permits for a brick wall between properties. We gave the lady what we thought were concise instructions. She had a puzzled look on her face and came back with a city engineer. Taking us aside he asked us what we told her. Sighing he said to us what was she wanted to know from him how to build a wall 60 feet high and 6 feet wide. He then helped us on our wall 6 feet high and 60 feet long. This is how incompetent these people are and have cost people countless thousands of dollars not knowing their job or having ANY common sense.

  8. The ONLY answer is ONE TERM politicians. Seniority Power corrupts absolutely. Let’s get the patriots back that want to serve the people and not themselves. Get in, do the job and get out. It will put the crooked lobbyists out of work and good riddance!

  9. Let’s say a Legislator has a bill that he knows no one is going to like. Before he submits the bill for a vote he will go around and talk to some “influence” Legislators to see about getting their vote and support for his bill that no one likes. These people tell him how badly they want nothing to do with a bill that will cost them votes at election time in their home districts. He explains to them that someday soon they themselves will be submitting a stinker bill and if they want his vote on said stinker, they had better fall in line and help him get his bill passed. All of the aforementioned is a breakdown of what goes on without saying in a lot of the state Legislatures in this country. There’s an old saying that ” seniority is king ” but never more so than in politics. I never brought this up, but what do you think his reason was for wanting the stinker bill passed in the first place?

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