Taxpayers shouldn’t tolerate gas tax extortion by transportation interests

Gas-Pump-blue-generic+flippedA coalition of government entities and special interests which thrive on transportation dollars recently sent a threat letter to Republican members of Congress because those members have the audacity to oppose the huge tax increase passed by the California Legislature with the enactment of Senate Bill 1. The threat was not well received and, in fact, will likely backfire on the tax increase supporters.

The SB1 tax hike, imposed without voter approval, is very unpopular according to virtually all public and private polling. (A more recent poll claims that repeal of the gas tax is not supported by a majority of Californians, but that poll is suspect for several reasons, not the least of which is that the hike has yet to take affect.) Realizing how unpopular the gas tax is, several Republican members of Congress are contemplating support for a measure to repeal that tax.

Had the letter stuck to issues of transportation policy — such as why California needs to have the highest gas taxes in the nation — it would still have been wrong but at least it wouldn’t have been offensive. Unfortunately, supporters of the tax decided to take the low road and issued a thinly veiled threat that would have been more fitting for an episode of the Sopranos. Specifically, the letter stated, “We don’t think your objective is to create new political adversaries.” Moreover, the letter states that the coalition would “mount a robust and powerful effort in opposition to this initiative, using the voices of California’s business community to counter your efforts.”

As distinguished from the self-interested motivations of the tax increase proponents, including big construction corporations, the California Republican congressional delegation has decided to put the interests of middle-class taxpayers first and they should be commended for it. Indeed, in their written response, they demolish the arguments advanced by the special interests. …

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  1. We all know this will go to the General Fund to pay pensions


    If we had more honest state government we could be getting a tax CUT.

  3. When is California going to learn its lesson by electing the same political party year after year? This state is last in almost every catagory,ie, job creating, schools scores, (SATs), class room size, high drop outs and on and on it goes. How about jobs? LOL! California is at the very bottom at being job friendly. From all the job killing regulations, from environmental impact studies, carbon footprint( Sorry libs, there’s no such thing, it’s made up for power, money, and control!! Period!!). If you’re putting up a new building, the environmentalists check for endangered beetles, spiders, Rats ,anything to vault you from starting a business,. The money a person has to put out could be in the thousands and thousands of $$$.
    We pay higher gas taxes, property taxes, registration car tags, smog checks, gas guzzler tax,( If a truck or car doesn’t get a certain mpg, it gets charged the extra tax, driving the price of said vehicle way up.)
    The bad thing calif stands behind is illegal aliens, and santuary cities, or the whole state(?). I don’t remember voting on this?!! Guv assclown Brown took it upon himself and the rest of the liberal Senate to sign this into law..
    A book can be written about how the democrats destroyed California.
    Now’s the time to right this sunken state. Take back marriage between 1-man, 1- woman.which won at the ballot box twice!! But, good ol´ Calif had a gay judge inject his personal beliefs, and sided with the hate group lgbtxyz queer. Group, to which is against the law..A judge can’t inject his or her personal “feelings” into a matter the voters, voted against gay marriage!
    Soo, Mr gay judge man(?) went with his own personal life style..
    This, people, is the golden, gay, illegal aliens, high taxes, corrupt state!
    Oh well, we have the over priced/ taxed beaches to go to..(to much traffic)

    • Few Californians are aware of any of this as the media is entirely controlled by liberal Democrats.1/3 are immigrants who don’t know any better or have anything else but the old country to compare it to.

      For Republicans to have a future we need to have a communications strategy to get this information out to all Californians in a dozen languages. But today the Republican party is nothing more than a social club of old white rich, while the former middle class moves out of state.

  4. These government “entities” are living in the same cloud as governor Moonbeam Brown. I pray that their “constituents” will have a surprise for them soon in the shape of a special election.

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