The Problem With Trump-esk Type Candidates

Donald Trump SNLFor months, I’ve wondered why people are attracted to Donald Trump. Is it his celebrity status? Is it his business savvy? Or is it his pure crassness?

While his fans cite all of these as their reasoning for supporting him, one point has been excluded: most Americans feel doomed and hopeless. They want someone who is a Washington outsider. They want someone to be a beacon of hope.

Sound familiar?

We had that same problem in 2008. People, especially those who are politically apathetic, began flocking to Obama. They were dazzled by his desire for “hope” and “change.” Others wanted to make history by voting for someone who could become the first African American president. Not only did they want to watch history, but they wanted to be a part of it.

Obama gained momentum and followers who blindly supported him without knowing what policies he advocated for.

The same thing is happening on the right side of the aisle. People are flocking to Trump without knowing why. My guess? They like his tell-it-like-it-is attitude and his bold policy idea of building a wall along Mexico and making the Mexican government pay for it.

Americans favor someone who is willing to be bold and present new ideas. Americans want a president who is willing to do everything in his or her power to protect the American public. I can get behind those ideas. The problem I see in a Trump type candidates: the ability to appeal to the “ignorant masses” (a political science coined term), something both Trump and Obama have in common.

Both men made the average American feel as though they have a personal connection with each and every one of their supporters. I met a Trump supporter last month who told me Trump called her “darling,” something that had her grinning from ear-to-ear. The glow in her eye was similar to that of an expecting mother. She had no other care in the world at the moment, other than reminiscing on The Donald swooning her.

When the Trump type of candidate comes along, they smile, wink and they’ve solidified a vote. Look what that got us over the last 8 years.

Conservatives complain about the people who flocked to Obama without knowing what he stood for, yet those same people are doing the exact same thing, but with Trump.

Trump scares me just as much as Obama did in 2008. I believe he is just as likely to pick up his phone and pen when he doesn’t get his way. After all, he can’t fire the other 535 people he’ll have to work with to run this country.

Beth Baumann is a public relations professional in Southern California, a contributor at PolitiChicks and former Communications Assistant at the American Conservation Union, who sponsors CPAC.


  1. I am surprised that Beth, with her public relations experience, appears to have missed a few important points about the Presidential parade and Trump’s part in it.
    Yes, he’s a showman, and not too politically savvy, but he appears to offer the American public something more than Obama or most of his predecessors have. Not a day goes by that the topic of Presidential candidates doesn’t come up. If the rest of the country is anything like California, they’re just all fed up with the current political machine. Our governor, for example, is a complete idiot that is just interested in raising taxes, building his toy train, admitting illegals and giving them driver’s licenses and the right to vote and burdening the people of our glorious state with more and more expense to fund his ridiculous legacies – oh yes, did I forget the free medical and welfare plans he has initiated?
    Then, there’s the “career” politicians. They do so many back-doors deals and catering to the lobbyists, I can’t see how they can get anything of substance done.
    So is Trump really a showman or crass idiot. I think not. With all of his parlor tricks, at least he seem sincerely interested in working for the American people. Let’s hope so.

  2. Beth is narrow minded and cant compare onions with a big apple.. Donald Trump Writes checks and has to make clients happy to get paid. Obalmo was a community organizer with no experience running even a Pizza Stand.
    Barack has a mouth of words with no substance or follow through.
    Mr Trump will hire the smart people to make good decisions. His sucess has depended on that mantra! Barry hired CZars, Muslims and Attorneys.! Eisenhower & General Patton would have lost the war if they had Attorneys for advice! Trump has NO allegiance as he funds his own campaign.. common Sense states that he will be as his book states, a man of conscience, Christianity & prowess for the common folks and business people. LOGIC wins. Read his book Crippled America & educate yourself , Beth!

  3. THE CAPTIVE says

    BHO is an Islam 0 Nazi to begin with. BHO is used to spending other people’s money —used to funneling taxes to the Nazi-Arabs etc and
    used to playing the roll of TRAITOR —-Yes-I am sick of it! and
    BHO is the sharia suck up because he is the worst pres. ever and a LIAR EVERY DAY! Yes there is a difference!

  4. “When the Trump type of candidate comes along, they smile, wink and they’ve solidified a vote. Look what that got us over the last 8 years.”

    Perhaps. Yet look what the organized, reasonable, willing-to-compromise (including principles) people got us over decades of The Peoples trust in them. A two-party, one-nature representation that progressively presumes it knows best how to run other peoples lives, and runs roughshod over Constitutional boundries to do it.
    They are well-paid enough, assured a lifetime pension but because of their self-absorbed flattery, willfull dereliction, and fickleness to the Nations interests, they are now denied a sense of comfortable business as usual. The loose cannon, Donald Trump, absolutely threatens their status quo by ignoring the influence of their institutional god, money, while enjoying amazing popularity with voters.
    Isn’t it glorious!

  5. Randy Townsend says

    Trump resonates because people are sick of professional politicians, people who’ve never worked a day in their life in a real job (and, no, politics is not a real job). Trump isn’t PC – pols are. Trump doesn’t care who is offended at what he says – pols are. Trump says what he believes – pols don’t (if they do, they believe nothing). Trump is popular because people are willing to try almost anybody than rely on “the system” any longer.

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