There’s No Denying The California Exodus

With human migration, there is something called the “gate test.” If a nation opens its gates, do people come in or do they flee? With the Berlin Wall, it was obvious. Once the wall fell, there was a rush of humanity from East to West, not the other way around. The “gate test” applies to states as well.

The California gates are open and people are going, well, elsewhere. That fact was made abundantly clear this past week when Census results were announced and California lost a congressional seat for the first time in the state’s history.

As Assemblyman Kevin Kiley put it on Twitter, “We just lost a seat in Congress. If the California Exodus is a myth, apparently the Census Bureau is in on it.” In the last decade, 1.3 million more people left California than came in from other states. And, it’s accelerating. Half a million people have left for other states in the last two years alone.

Boosters of the status quo were quick to point out that California’s population actually grew overall, it just didn’t grow as fast as other states. But that misses the point.

Net domestic migration is a measure of movement among states. Unlike population, it ignores international migration as well as number of births over deaths. Two decades ago, policy leaders and the media started paying attention to the fact that California was trending toward net domestic outmigration. Governors from other states, most notably Rick Perry from Texas, were openly poaching businesses from California arguing, correctly, that their states were better for businesses as well as the people they employ.

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  1. Really??? says

    The interesting thing is what is the net outcome?

    The higher end Socialist tech types with top end jobs are staying put for the most part. BUT they are moving out of the most heavily government intrusive locations. The more conservative areas do not want them.

    The vacuum infill is more of the low income welfare oriented less educated.

    Newsom, Brown, Wiener, et al are now responsible for a long term down trend with massive increases in taxes that will drive the tarnished state even further down.

  2. A foundation goal of the communist democrats is the destruction of the the middle class. The out migration is seen as a feature not a bug.


  4. California is a sanctuary state. The late famous economist Milton Friedman was quoted to say “A welfare state can not afford open borders” The reasoning requires 3rd grade math comprehension. I hear that it takes approximately $70,000 in tax dollars to invest in each non English speaking immigrant before they become self sufficient. We have added a minimum of a million illegals since Biden took office. You do the math. The fact that some become criminals and cost a hell of a lot more is also ignored. Tax paying citizens will move to states with producer friendly, conservative state government because it is smart and they can.
    The poor can not afford the transition and thus the record high California wage gap will only get worse.
    A well deserved and predictable outcome to fiscal insanity.

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