Trump’s Political Vulnerabilities Mount

SIOUX CENTER, Iowa — Stunning new revelations about former President Trump’s fight to overturn the 2020 election have exposed growing political vulnerabilities just as he eyes another presidential bid.

A former White House aide last week described Trump as an unhinged leader with no regard for the safety of elected officials in either party as he clung to power on Jan. 6, 2021. The testimony from the congressional panel investigating the Capitol attack provided a road map for prosecutors to potentially charge Trump with a crime, some legal experts say.

Republican voters — and Trump’s would-be rivals in the 2024 presidential race — took notice.

Here in Iowa, the state expected to host the first presidential nominating contest in roughly 18 months, several voters signaled Thursday that they were open to another presidential candidate even if Trump were to run again. Nationally, some conservative media outlets issued scathing rebukes of the former president, and aides for multiple GOP presidential prospects indicated, publicly and privately, that they felt increasingly emboldened to challenge Trump in 2024 after the explosive new testimony.

Nikki Haley, Trump’s ambassador to the United Nations, drew roughly 350 conservative activists to a congressional fundraising barbecue on Thursday in Sioux County, where Trump won 82% of the vote in 2020.

There was ample evidence of Trump fatigue. Interviews with a dozen attendees revealed strong interest in a 2024 alternative, even if Trump is on the ballot.

“You’d be hard-pressed to find people in this area who support the idea that people aren’t looking for someone else,” said Dave Van Wyk, a transportation company owner. “To presume that conservative America is 100% behind Donald Trump is simply not the case.”

Former White House staffer Cassidy Hutchinson on Tuesday offered previously unknown details about the extent of Trump’s rage in his final weeks of office, his awareness that some supporters had brought weapons to the city on Jan. 6 and his ambivalence as rioters later laid siege to the Capitol.

Upset at the size of the crowd at his “Stop the Steal” rally — many supporters avoided entering because they were armed and didn’t want to go through metal detectors — Trump said words to the effect of, “I don’t care that they have weapons. They’re not here to hurt me,” according to Hutchinson. She recalled hearing about a separate incident after the rally in which Trump tried to grab at the steering wheel of the presidential vehicle to go to the Capitol to join his supporters.

That detail has caused some pushback. The agent who was driving the vehicle and another official were reportedly prepared to testify under oath that Trump never lunged for the wheel.

But the renewed concern was evident.

The conservative Washington Examiner’s editorial board said Hutchinson’s testimony “ought to ring the death knell” for Trump’s political career. “Trump is unfit to be anywhere near power ever again.”

The often Trump-friendly New York Post blasted the headline “Tyrant Trump.” And the conservative editorial page of the Wall Street Journal wrote, “Just when it seems as if Donald Trump’s behavior after his 2020 loss couldn’t possibly look worse, a new piece of wild testimony arrives.”

To be sure, conservatives have shared serious concerns about Trump repeatedly in recent years. And in every case, the former president has emerged largely unscathed, sometimes stronger. He has been caught on video bragging about sexual assault; he instigated a violent attack on the Capitol; and he has been impeached twice.

Trump is sitting on campaign funds that exceed $101 million and remains deeply popular with many Republican voters. Lest there be any question, Republican candidates in states including Arizona, Pennsylvania and Georgia have been battling one another this midterm season for his support.

“The American people remain hungry for his leadership,” Trump spokesperson Taylor Budowich said, citing Trump’s strong endorsement record and fundraising success. “And as another witch hunt is blowing up in the faces of Democrats, President Trump is in a stronger position now than at any time before.”

But even before last week’s revelations, a new poll from the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research found that 48% of U.S. adults say Trump should be charged with a crime for his role in the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol.

Views on Trump’s criminal liability break down predictably along party lines, with 86% of Democrats and 10% of Republicans saying Trump should be charged. Still, the fact that nearly half the country believes he should be prosecuted is a remarkable position for the former president, pointing to the difficulties he could face if he makes another run at the White House.

Trump reported raising nearly $9 million in March and April combined. Figures for May and June were not yet available, but aides to the former president say his fundraising has remained strong.

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, eyeing a presidential bid in 2024, says he was hearing concerns about Trump from donors and voters alike before last week’s testimony, which adds to the “cumulative weight” of the former president’s political shortcomings.

“People are concerned that we could lose the election in ’24 and want to make sure that we don’t nominate someone who would be seriously flawed,” Christie said.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, who is also considering a 2024 run, said he considers Trump beatable in a GOP primary even if Republican voters aren’t paying close attention to the congressional hearings, as he suspects.

“His approval among Republican primary voters has already been somewhat diminished,” Hogan said. “Trump was the least popular president in American history until Joe Biden.”

Aides for other Republican presidential prospects said privately that Trump may still be the overwhelming favorite to win the next GOP presidential nomination, but they believe his standing with Republican voters has been in steady decline. There was a broad sense — or at least a hope — that Hutchinson’s testimony would accelerate that decline among voters and donors in a way that would open opportunities for others.

Marc Short, a senior advisor to former Vice President Mike Pence, another likely 2024 presidential contender, was blunt when asked about Trump’s political strength.

“Republican activists believed Donald Trump was the only candidate who could beat Hillary,” Short said. “Now the dynamic is reversed. He is the only one who has lost to Joe Biden.”

Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney, who serves on the Jan. 6 commission and has not ruled out a 2024 presidential bid, cast Trump as a direct threat to American democracy in a Wednesday night speech at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

“Republicans cannot both be loyal to Donald Trump and loyal to the Constitution. We must choose,” she said.

Haley, who has said she would not seek the 2024 GOP nomination if Trump ran, declined to say Thursday whether the testimony has given her reason to rethink that plan.

Instead, she sounded an upbeat note.

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  1. Give me a break. The aide whose testimony contradicts the Secret Service about what happened in the car. The January 6th Committee never checked with the Secret Service and don’t plan to have them testify. Most of her testimony was hearsay. Who cares if Cheney runs for president? She doesn’t have a chance.

    This is just more hate Trump news. If you can’t win honestly, then lie, lie, lie. Let’s talk about Russia Collusion. That was a bust. This is just more fake news.

    • I totally concur. Who are these people who write this deceptive propaganda? Sounds like MSNBC. People are just continuing the brainwashing of disinformation everywhere. Eventually without an honest press to balance and correct the false content that is everywhere, President Trump may be losing some of his fringe support, but most people do not forget what he has done for America and will continue to do if justice is done and he is given another chance. So difficult to keep your sanity when you’re being constantly lied to. Thank God He is our hope and confidence. It will be a great day when Joe Biden and his crew are way back in the rear vision mirror, but we still have a little longer to wait.

  2. President Trump Won!!

  3. Franklin S says

    “Stunning new revelations” coming from the fake Hutchinson testimony? And the quote, ‘ought to ring the death knell for Trump’s political career,’ is over the top BS. CA Political Review, you can do better than this!

  4. What a load of bull!

  5. Sarina Smith says

    This is so much BULLSHIT!!
    He has PROVEN himself as America FIRST!!

  6. This “article” fits the MSM propaganda playbook. The LAT, like the NYT, are the US subsidiaries of Russia’s Tass news agency. From this article you can conclude one thing, President Trump is stronger than ever. And yes, the 2020 election was rigged. Not only did Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium reveal mountains of evidence, but the recent “2000 Mules” added to that evidence. More shocking revelations are coming in Jul 2022 – “Ripcord” and “(s)election.code”.

  7. There are three sources of information you should never consider as anything even near the truth and those are the New York Times, Washington Post and the LA Times. Fake news all and hopelessly biased towards the left.. None of the three are worth anything more than fish wrappers and liners for your bird cage.

  8. Americans are getting to see who are the patriots and who are those that need to be removed from office and tv and social media. We must add California Political Review to the list. Sad.

  9. Robert Wilson says

    YOUR PUBLISHING THIS CRAP WITHOUT A BIG HEADLINE THAT SAYS FAKE NEWS?!!!! 2020 was stolen from Trump!! There still has not been a single court that has allowed massive evidence of a fraud to get standing to present their evidence. Not a single court, including the very well documented case from Texas that the Supreme Court refused to hear. THIS ARTICLE IS FAKE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!

  10. JimNorCal says

    Media continues to print lies ….
    A retired newspaper guy, Don Surber, wrote 3 books detailing what the MSM printed in their Trump coverage versus what actually happened. As I recall, one covered the GOP primaries, one covered the election campaign and one covered the first few years of the Trump Admin.
    Still available through book dealers and perhaps directly from him.
    The books are well-written (entertaining not boring), well-documented and of course infuriating.

    But the main point: there were enough lies to fill THREE entire books.

  11. Cheryl Kelly says

    No wonder this article sounds so biased! Its from the L.A. Times! Cassidy Hutchison’s testimony has been debunked. I guess the L.A. Times didn’t get that memo! If there is so much Trump fatigue why are his rallies so packed? Why are his endorsed candidates winning primaries? People like Trump because he has a solid record to run on and that is what the people need right now, someone they can trust will put America first.

  12. A huge sector of the American people are hungry for the upbeat and positive message of Trump, although not everyone is a fan of Trump personally. While so many Republicans are dyed-in-the-woll Trump stumpers, I suspect that most independents for example, and possibly moderate Democrats as well, would vote for an alternate Republican candidate who is likely to continue the Trump economic, social and political message and promises to reverse the awful trend of the leftists to destroy this country and the culture that made it great. But if Trump runs in 2024, those would likely not vote at all, and plunge us into more of the evil that has been plaguing us since Biden took office.

  13. Oh please….believing anything that a person willing to testify against Trump at this kangaroo court is sheer lunacy….it wouldn’t surprise me if people are taking money from the crooks running this Kabuki Theater just to say something bad about Trump…Trump is no angel and I strongly oppose his support of vaccines, but he is far more credible than anything the Socialists will put up and DeSantis wouldn’t likely win if he ran for President
    Liers run this country….their handling of the war in Ukraine is a good indication of that fact

  14. Robin Itzler - Patriot Neighbors says

    I am very disappointed that CA POLITICAL REVIEW has posted such liberal nonsense. Why? If your readers want to read this RINO crap about the J6 kangaroo court, they will read the LA Times, Washington Post or LA Times.

    Without any cross-examination, these lukewarm Republicans mentioned in the above article believe every word of the low-level aide Cassidy Hutchinson. But these same lukewarm Republicans do NOT believe the two Secret Service agents who were there during the alleged incident: Tony Omato and Robert Engel.

    Both Omato and Engel are ready to testify under oath that Cassidy Hutchinson’s HEARSAY TESTIMONY is filled with lies.

    I speak to a lot of people who are Trump supporters but had been kinda, maybe thinking that in 2024 it should be someone else (DeSantis?).

    Not anymore! Articles like this are pushing fence sitters back to the Trump camp. TRUMP 2024 or start a new party! (Maybe the CAGOP will nominate Brian Dahle for president. They seem to do such a good job finding candidates the base doesn’t want.)

  15. John the Patriot says

    If there were no holes or lies in Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony it would still be HEARSAY EVI9DENCE which is inadmissible! I can’t believe that CA Political Review would post this BULLSCHIFF!

  16. Janet Geehr says

    I’m not surprised by the media slamming Trump based on hysterical, disproven accusations. It’s what they do. Now their mantra is “Trump exhaustion.” Yawn.

    What I AM surprised by is CA Political Review reprinting this garbage. I’m not sure what your goal was in promoting this article. What’s going on at CA Political Review?

  17. Trump continues to be the target of the left…and the right. Of course presidential candidates are going to trash talk Trump, a la Christie, Hogan and Pence! And don’t even get me started on Liz Cheney! After all, they all want to win the crown jewel of America, the Presidency! It will be a sad day for this country if any of them do. They will all continue to attack and attempt to destroy Trump and this great nation. Trump does not fit their mold nor operate in the “business as usual” manner that they do. Disturbing, but true. Whether he runs for anther term is yet to be seen. For the time being, it appears Trump is doing a superb job as Kingmaker.

  18. That young woman is another Blasey-Ford fake whistleblower. She was probably promised a cushy job in the swamp for her “testimony.”

  19. This is RINO double-speak.

    Anyone who considers that Trump didn’t win in 2020 is an uninformed idiot.

    TRUMP 2024.

  20. Messrs. Peoples and Beaumont: ‘You’re FIRED!’

  21. Are people really paying attention to this J6 nonsense? After Russia Gate, Ukraine Gate, two impeachments all of which ended in ZERO and all saying, beyond doubt, that they really had Trump this time? REALLY?

    I thought California Political Review was beyond promoting this garbage but I guess you just can’t stand being the only reputable news source out there.


  22. Trump and the patriots are fighting the Swamp, which includes not just Demwits, but GOP RINOs who stand to lose big as America First patriots take over the party. No more grifting for them. More moderate Dems are becoming Republicans, too, drawn by the American First agenda.

    The True The Vote people, who did amazing investigative work for 2000 Mules documentary, have even bigger 2020 bombshells coming out in the next couple of weeks. I’m guessing it will be proof that foreign governments worked with our own corrupt political parties to overthrow Trump by rigging the election. That, my friend, is an act of war. Treason = execution. Expect more false flags to distract the media.

  23. Barbara Williams says

    Please explain why CPR and other truthful media are not talking about “2000 Mules.” How can any discussion of 2020 election integrity be complete without that information? Why did conservative media (and Trump campaign) not make a big deal out of Biden’s public admission that he knew he would win because the Democrats have the most widespread and effective voter fraud system ever??? That statement and footage is included in “2000 Mules.”

  24. Stan Sexton says

    Ever since Trump won in 2016, he has been badgered by High Tech, the Status Quo and the Deep State. The Davos Boys were totally pissed as The Great Reset was delayed for 4 years. Trump saved us from the Evil Klaus Schwab and Yuval Harari. They have to ruin any chance of Trump running again as he would disturb the progress that the WEF has made with Biden. Make no mistake – The Great Reset is unfolding at full speed NOW. Prepare yourself for Economic Collapse and Full Govt Control. Read Glenn Beck’s new book “The Great Reset” if you can find it.

  25. Janet West says

    Evidently, this organization has become a “Never Trump Organization.” I’m not interested in reading the same lies published by the mainstream media. Goodbye.

  26. Larry Olds says

    It is a kangaroo court, yet your leftist view is what guides this article. I canceled my subscription in the past but, after a time decided to resubscribe, My mistake!

  27. I just read a Republican poll, can’t remember the name, that said Trump has a 40 point lead over all other candidates.


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