Vaccine Chaos: Californians Scramble For Shots Amid Mixed Messaging

The chaos and confusion many Californians experienced this week in their search for a COVID-19 vaccine only intensified today as Gov. Gavin Newsom revealed that the state would not receive an additional supply of doses it was counting on to accelerate vaccination. 

Newsom said he, like other governors, expected about 50 million doses to be released from storage by the feds in the next few days. “And then we read, as everybody else, that they have reneged or … are unable to deliver on that,” he said at a news conference unveiling a new mass vaccination site at Dodger Stadium. 

The governor said he does expect there to be enough vaccine for Californians who already have received their first shot and need the required second dose. But the state needs to verify the supply it will be given, he said. 

Just 48 hours ago, federal officials had promised states an expanded supply of vaccine and demanded they start vaccinating people 65 and older and those with documented preexisting conditions to speed the slow pace of immunizations nationwide. 

But a national stockpile of vaccines held back for necessary second doses appears to have been depleted, meaning that states won’t get the amount of vaccine they were counting on to dramatically ramp up mass vaccination campaigns, according to a Washington Post report Friday. 

Newsom last week announced an audacious goal of immunizing 1 million people in 10 days, under mounting political pressure over the state’s slow vaccine rollout. But at least 450,000 people would need to receive shots today to fulfill that goal. The state is on pace to achieve it, Newsom said, adding that there is a lag in the state’s data reporting.

California has used about 30% of the doses it has been allocated from the federal government while Texas has used about 55%, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. California ranks 43rd among states in the proportion of people it has immunized. 

On Wednesday, following hastily-announced federal guidance, Newsom said that anyone 65 and older could now be immunized — broadening a complicated priority system that previously reserved doses for health workers and nursing home residents.

Local public health officials and health systems weren’t at all ready for an onslaught of potentially 6 million seniors. Not all adopted the state’s recommendation, creating a patchwork of access that Californians are now trying to decipher. 

Reports of glitches mounted as counties launched dozens of different online platforms for appointment sign-ups and waiting lists. Tiny Inyo County, with about 18,000 residents, had to ask people to sign up with just a Google form. …

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  1. Then yesterday Cal Health Officials recommended a pause due to a few reactions to Moderna vacinations in San Diego traced to one specific lot of Moderna vaccination supplies .
    The beat goes on.

  2. Guvvy says it’s simple. I say it’s even simpler…..Newscum’s an idiot!

  3. What is interesting is Trump stated he would give the States the direction on delivery of the vaccine.

    So where are the biggest screw-ups? Democrat run states.

    There also appears to be a growing black market for shots. This cuts into the reserves promised. Then ther is the issue where supplies President Trump depended on being produced for the USA is being bleed off for foreign sale.

    OK, there you go…. are you one of those who sat on your vote? Remember this issue of the CV-19 is just a symptom of the inflationary bankruptcy the nation will suffer under Bidgen Democrats.

  4. By contrast, when a vaccine freezer failed in Ukiah, CA, the hospital had 2-hours to vaccinate 800 people. They had contacts with various local government first responder agencies, county jail, nursing homes, etc. and quickly vaccinated 600 people at those agencies and used the last 200 on a first-come, first-serve basis with the general public. Just illustrates what happens when private enterprise rather than the government runs things.

  5. JLSeagull private enterprise gets it done while Government finds ways to exert more control and gather more lemmings into their fold. One trusm: Government rarely does anything for the public unless there is a benefit to the politician.

  6. I saw in the news this AM that vaccines were being rushed to the Amazon rain forest in order to vaccinate the indigenous peoples already lined up for their shots. A brain is a terrible thing to lose.

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