Water and Drought Deceit: More Dubious Policies California Lawmakers Continue to Perpetrate

Food or Fish, Liberty or Oppression, Victim or Fighter? We Californians have many decisions to make about our future.

In Climate Deceit and Dubious Policies California Lawmakers Continue to Perpetrate, we addressed unreliable solar and wind power, and China’s influence pushing electric vehicles and an all-electric grid on the U.S., and how this all started with AB 32, California’s Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, which initially set a 2020 greenhouse gas emissions reduction goal into law.

Droughts and Water

While California’s drought conditions are actually historically normal, each of California’s droughts are billed by government and media as the driest period in the state’s recorded rainfall history. Scientists who study the Western United States’ long-term climate patterns say California has been dry for significantly longer periods — more than 200 years.

Droughts are nature’s fault; they are naturally occurring. Water shortages are the fault of government officials, and California’s water shortages fall squarely on former Gov. Jerry Brown, and now on Gov. Gavin Newsom.

The state of California hasn’t significantly invested in water storage since the 1970s when Jerry Brown was governor the first time around. “This is an era of limits and we all had better get used to it,” Brown said upon being elected governor in 1975, embracing the “small is beautiful” way of thinking. Since then, California’s population has doubled, as have environmental demands. And, more than fifty-percent of the state’s water resources are allowed to flow out the San Francisco Bay to the Pacific Ocean.

Rather than build the desperately needed infrastructure projects to collect and store water during the wet years, Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law in 2018 a new water conservation act that will limit each citizen to just 50-55 gallons of water per person per day by 2050.

The truth is that 50 percent of California’s water already goes toward environmental purposes. Of the rest of the water, only about 10 percent goes to “urban” uses for homes and businesses, and 40 percent is used by agriculture. A full 50 percent of the state’s water is used for environmental purposes.

As California farmer and water expert Kristi Diener recently explained, the state has been letting water out of reservoirs across California for months now. And it’s not going to farmers, growers, ranchers or urban use. Environmental policy says the water “flows” from reservoirs are necessary to produce a rebound of endangered Delta smelt and Chinook salmon. However, these policies are a failure as neither species have been collected in all of the latest trawling surveys, where they spend several days a month searching in more than 200 spots. This practice of releasing water and hoping fish improve, has been unsuccessful for nearly 30 years, according to Diener. Both species are close to extinction.

If the State of California didn’t allow billions of gallons of fresh water to spill into the Pacific Ocean every year, we wouldn’t ever face water shortages.

Democrat lawmakers and federal environmental regulators have authorized more than 81 billion gallons of water to flow out to the ocean, instead of being used for human consumption. This is environmental extremism at its worst, and it is killing California agriculture, says Diener. …

Click here to read the full article from the California Globe.


  1. Richard Cathcart says

    CA’s Democrat professional politicians create crisis situations, the media exploits these situations with dramatized “descriptions”, not accurate detailed factual reporting, then the taxpayer is bombarded 24/7/365 with garbage ‘scientific proofs”. It’s all done mere to keep all the media and political elitists in jobs that pay well and entail little actual work–that would be “effort” in olden times. CA voters, unable to find the truth without becoming overly focused on a few reporters or few websites etc. cannot develop enough mass yet to overcome these PR-skilled befoggers. Someday, when reality hits everyone in this State simultaneously–as in, for example, one of those ARKstorms of the past–that might finally be the undoing of the Democrats. Until that time, I hole little hope that much will change.

  2. During our last big drought that lasted several years I had to drive up past Sacramento. When I crossed the Sacramento river it was running bank full and all that water was being wasted by letting it run out to the ocean. If these idiots are more worried about some fish than people all they need to do is catch some of them and breed them and every few years dump a couple of thousand in the river Then they could pump all the water they need down the valley and the farmers would have all they need and so would calif

  3. The communist democrats are only concerned with gaining power and control. Controlling water goes a long way in gaining that control over people. The true reality is, communists could care less for the welfare of people at large in fact, they have a proven track record of starvation and poverty “for the greater good”.
    It’s no surprise they do what they do.

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