Will California’s Eviction Moratorium Be Extended Beyond June 30?

For the third time during the pandemic, California legislators have pushed off a huge, looming question to the last minute: Will the state shield tenants from eviction?

The answer, most likely, is yes, but for how long and under what terms is still up in the air. Several lawmakers told CalMatters a decision could come late this week — only days before current protections are set to expire, after June 30.

Rental assistance is the key here: The state has been doling out $2.6 billion it’s sitting on at a snail’s pace, while figuring out what to do with an additional $2.6 billion from the federal government. 

Since Gov. Gavin Newsom and the Legislature passed the last round of eviction protections in late January, the state has distributed only about $50 million of its $1.4 billion pot, and received applications for only about half of that money. While centralized data is unavailable for the cities’ and counties’ $1.2 billion share, there are similar reports of a slow rollout.

Key legislators are concerned about ending eviction protections before the bulk of those dollars have entered the pockets of the Californians who need it most, so they’re mostly hammering out new rules on eligibility and applications to make sure more rent relief gets out quicker.

“It doesn’t make sense to allow evictions, when there are still billions of dollars available that could prevent those very evictions,” said Assemblymember David Chiu, a Democrat from San Francisco who leads the Assembly Housing Committee and helped craft the original eviction moratorium last year.

But the deal-making to extend the eviction moratorium has been slow and secretive. Tenant and landlord groups told CalMatters they have been shut out of negotiations, which are taking place between Assembly and Senate leaders and the governor’s office — similar to the last two rounds of negotiations.

“Policymakers have been pulled in many directions, but I’m hopeful that the right conversations are happening, and we’re going to make progress before June 30,” Chiu said.

A deal could be unveiled as soon as today. Lawmakers will have to wait 72 hours from the time they get a bill on paper before taking a vote and getting something to the governor, which means Thursday is the earliest an extension could be finalized. 

Here are some key decision points that will determine the fate of thousands and thousands of California renters:  

How long will new protections last?

That question is at the heart of the debate. Tenant advocates want to extend protections for as long as possible, while landlord groups want the opposite.

Brian Augusta, legislative advocate for the California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation, said the tenant side has asked the state to tie the end date to distribution of all available rental relief funds — which at the current pace would take several months, at least.

“In my mind, it would be a travesty to end these eviction protections before we get every dollar out the door,” Augusta said.

Landlord advocates are concerned about the same issue, but want protections to end by September. …’

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  1. Chris Renner says

    The government is inserting itself in more and more of our lives. Homeless assistance increases. Tenant assistance increases. CARES Act Assistance goes to companies. Medicare increases. Medicaid increases, etc. etc. etc. The government is quickly replacing the consumer as the revenue provider. And with what? Money printed out of thin air and more money printed out of thin air. Amazon, Facebook, General Motors, Boeing are realizing more revenue from federal and state governments. The consumer still matters, but not as much as it once did. How long does the government continue subsidizing everyone? They can’t without eventually causing massive inflation and once they (are forced to) stop, markets crash unrelentingly and we either go through the pain and somehow restore capitalism and consumerism or we succumb to the easy road and invite Communism into our country and slowly watch the greatness of America ebb into the scrap heap of failure.

  2. This program and other program to attract those who rely on “Big Government” will continue until Gov. Newsom gets past the attempt to oust him by the “common sense” coalition that is working hard to get rid of the CP corrupt Kalufornia government (?), Once the clean up fails Pretty Boy and the rest of the tax and spenders will continue their pillage of the California taxpayers. The pattern is the same time and time again with the approx 48% who pay the taxes every time.

  3. Yes ,Donald, you are “right as rain” and will we ever get rid of the disgusting and hateful Gruesome
    NEWSOME ?? Mr. slick and sleezy with our taxes to spend on the things that are WRONG!
    That train to nowhere is supposed to be off the books .
    We need to educate the children about how to live .
    What they get now are messages from the bottom layer of corruption -NOTHING TO BE PROUD OF!


  5. Another democrat program that will end in failure. They always do and, the failure is always the fault of others.

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