$1 Million To City Manager For No Work

A nearly $1 million payment to former Fontana City Manager Ken Hunt made him the highest paid city manager in California in 2020, though he didn’t actually work a single day that year.

The California State Controller’s Office cast a spotlight on Fontana this week after updating its public pay database with figures for 2020. In the state ranking, Hunt surpassed the next closest city manager’s wages by roughly $350,000.

The high pay and the lack of explanation for it from Fontana has raised eyebrows among taxpayer advocates. While golden handshakes for public employees aren’t unusual, most are in the $500,000 to $600,000 range, experts said.

Robert Fellner, executive director of Transparent California, has spent years collecting, compiling and publicizing public employees’ salaries. He’s seen his fair share of generous severance packages, he said. But when presented with the $932,623 paid to Hunt in 2020, his first instinct was that the number had to be an error. …

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  1. Sister CH says

    The people can send affadavits demanding the removal instead of relying on fradulent elections. This is what they did in AZ.

  2. Hunt is just your average democrat, a deceitful parasite. Apparently, Fontana would not have it any other way, in fact they will probably give Ken a raise.

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