5 Takeaways After Newsom Survives Recall Attempt

California Gov. Gavin Newsom ably fended off a recall attempt from Republicans on Tuesday, changing the stakes of the contest from a referendum on his own performance and into a partisan fight over Trumpism and the coronavirus.

Five takeaways from Newsom’s victory:


Republicans intended the recall to be a referendum on Democrats’ rule of California, and the homelessness, crime, high housing costs and energy problems that accompanied it. But in a bit of political maneuvering — and with the help of the spreading delta variant — Newsom turned it into a referendum on Republicans’ opposition to precautions against the coronavirus.

The Republicans running to replace Newsom opposed mask and vaccine mandates, and the California governor was happy to highlight that. Newsom aired an ad calling the recall “a matter of life and death” and accusing the top Republican candidate, talk radio host Larry Elder, of “peddling deadly conspiracy theories.” …

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  1. Robin Itzler says

    For some conservative friends who are sitting on the fence about leaving California, having Newsom remain as governor this could be the deciding factor. I already said goodbye in recent weeks to a couple moving to Arizona and another couple moving to Texas. More California conservatives will be voting with their feet.

    • unfortunately, the loser progressives that ruined CA will follow because they don’t want to live with what they voted for and that is why they are making Texas purple. Too bad we can’t keep them out of red states, they only follow. They always want the Republicans to take care of them with common sense and good ideas.

  2. …and as they leave, the socialists become even more firmly entrenched. Fewer and fewer are left of the opposition and the foolish policies of the Leftists become a slam dunk.

  3. Everything is accomplished today by Law and Order. Republicans do everything by the book. As long as there are sharp lawyers in CA to fight the legal fight, this undermining can continue in the only way that Republicans know, Law and Court ordered justice.
    Unfortunately, this is the long and difficulty way, that takes way too much time, when time is of the essence.

  4. All of you people in California are really screwed now no hope for you people now hope it all California is totally gone totally you threw it to the trashcan it belongs to China now to the communist Chinese people to Pelosi and all her communist buddies you are totally screwed you had the chance to do something but the stupid people voted for communism instead of freedom I do not believe the state of California will ever have free elections at all in the future the state is totally gone just as well have a huge earthquake and fall into the ocean and be gone Sorry this way I feel as a Former Californian I feel sad for the state but the stupid people keep voting for these idiots it’s hard to feel sorry for you are you guys are a lost cause totally lost

  5. Socialism will drive this country to ruin. Look at the real battle, as Indoctrination over traditional education has created our voting process of idiots that do NOT think, and only obey what is preached…..

  6. What is concerning is the lack of elasticity in the Republicans.

    There does not be a over all ability to respond and when in doubt fall back on a “book” of answers that paint us as inflexible and bigots.

    I have seen groups refuse to fund responses to pervasive attacks on society and freedom because the do not carry a specific membership.

    It is called adapt and over come…don’t get it?

  7. Not a peep out of the CA or National Repubs about this recall. Thanks for all of the help you fools!

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