Anti-Outsourcing Resolution passes California Assembly

From The Sacramento Bee:

On a party-line vote, the Assembly on Thursday affirmed a union-backed resolution urging lawmakers to resist contracting out public services.

The non-binding resolution stipulates that the Assembly “opposes outsourcing of public services and assets.” Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez, D-Los Angeles, the measure’s author, said public entities can cloud an otherwise open process when they contract out work, and warned outsourcing can lead to “rubber-stamped” contract awards with no discussion.

“Over the years, outsourcing has left taxpayers without transparency or accountability to where the taxpayer money is being used,” said Gomez.

Photo courtesy of Wendy McCormac, Flickr

Photo courtesy of Wendy McCormac, Flickr


  1. Skeptical says

    “Anti-Outsourcing Resolution passes California Assembly”
    No doubt called the ‘SEIU Public Workers Full Employment Bill’.

  2. JLSeagull says

    If you are a worthless public union member who can’t compete with private enterprise you go get a union whore like Gomez to exclude the competition. Legislators in the union pocket like Gomez, give Latino legislators a bad name.

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