BART janitor grossed $270K in pay and benefits last year

As reported by the Mercury News:

Liang Zhao Zhang’s job is to clean up BART stations in downtown San Francisco and clean up he does: He swept in $162,000 in overtime pay last year, records show.

Call Zhang the super janitor, an extraordinarily high earner in a field where the beloved school custodian rarely brings home more than $50,000 a year

Zhang grossed $235,000 in 2015, four times more than his base pay as a janitor. Benefits brought his total cost of employment at the rail agency to more than $270,000. And records show this isn’t the first time he raked in six-figure compensation at BART. Zhang received a combined $682,000 in pay and benefits over the last three years.

“Where do I sign up?” joked Lionel Hsu, a BART rider on Tuesday. …

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  1. Zhang is cleaning up!!

  2. I’m a teacher in the Department of Corrections and I don’t make half of Zhang’s pay, so don’t lump ALL state employees into this basket, please. Getting tired of being lumped in with these abuses as if all of us were sticking it to taxpayers.

  3. His boss should be fired!

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