Brown marches California climate agenda to Paris

As reported by the San Francisco Chronicle:

When Gov. Jerry Brown lands in Paris next week for international talks on climate, he’ll be preaching the need for action — and not to solve a hypothetical or future problem but something immediate.

The governor has increasingly tied California’s run-ins with nature, by way of drought, wildfire and rising seas, to human-caused warming. And he shares global concerns that havoc will ensue worldwide if the issue is put off any longer.

“I get that the majority in Congress, leaders in the House and Senate, half the governors, want to say, ‘No, there’s nothing going on.’ But that doesn’t change the science,” Brown said in an interview with The Chronicle this week. “If a building is burning down, you don’t sit there and get frustrated, you get a fire hose and put it out.”

Brown is scheduled to join leaders from more than 120 nations at …

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  1. Our “confused” governor could charitably be called a Moron!

  2. The nicest thing I can say for him, he is a stupid a—–e along with his stupid cohort, Mary Nichols of CARB.

  3. DR Richard Muccillo says

    Brown nose brown is a complete ass and needs to put his needle nose and bald head in the toilet –too bad this shit is bald –he would look good with a swirly!!

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