Brown signs Sanctuary State law, risking Trump retaliation

As reported by the L.A. Times:

Under threat of possible retaliation by the Trump administration, Gov. Jerry Brown signed landmark “sanctuary state” legislation Thursday, vastly limiting who state and local law enforcement agencies can hold, question and transfer at the request of federal immigration authorities.

Senate Bill 54, which takes effect in January, has been hailed as part of a broader effort by majority Democrats in the California Legislature to shield more than 2.3 million immigrants living illegally in the state. Weeks before Brown’s signature made it law, it was met with swift denunciations from Trump administration officials and became the focus of a national debate over how far states and cities can go to prevent their officers from enforcing federal immigration laws.

Brown took the unusual step of penning a signing message in support of SB 54. He called the legislation a balanced measure that would allow police and sheriff’s agencies to continue targeting dangerous criminals, while protecting hardworking families without legal residency in the country. …

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  1. deport ALL these scum-sucking illegal alien parasites………
    they’re as useless and worthless as tits on a snake……..
    brown should be hanged for TREASON….he’s another piece of obama shit……..

  2. THE CAPTIVE says

    Brown is continuing his damage to CA in as many ways as possible. Is he nuts? Yes , that’s a polite way of saying he’s a TRAITOR. He continues to follow in BHOs (worst pres. ever) foorsteps of treason -and yes he does deserve trial just like Hitlery and BHO!

  3. That loud noise you heard was the drawer of the Federal Cash-Box being slammed shut.

  4. Bogiewheel says

    The State of Arizona was admonished by the Obama “administration” for reproducing Federal Law to handle illegal entry to the United States. This should have set a precedent, for all States. Immigration is a Federal problem, not to be usurped by individual States. Next stop…….Supreme Court ?

  5. Bogiewheel says

    A State cannot choose between illegal immigrants that commit crimes and those that do not. The initial crime was illegal entry, that should be sufficient to initiate action on the Federal level without interruption from individual States.

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