Caitlyn Jenner Can’t Rely On Fame Alone To Win

In the California of popular myth, the air is sweetly perfumed, and endless sunshine warms the Beautiful People — perfect hair, flawless teeth — for whom stardom waits just around the corner.

A parade of Hollywood celebrities — Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sonny Bono, Clint Eastwood — have stepped from the screen to help lead this fantasy version of the Golden State, where anyone who’s ever walked a red carpet is instantly a credible candidate for political office. After all, fame is what Californians supposedly worship, and A-listers are who they elect.

The reality, of course, is far different. (And that’s not speaking of the smog, traffic, homelessness and deep income and social inequalities that plague our seaside idyll.)

California has had 40 governors and 47 U.S. senators. If you add George Murphy, a former song-and-dance man who served a single Senate term in the 1960s, the entire roster of celebrity politicians elected to statewide office comes to three: Murphy, Reagan and Schwarzenegger. …

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