California and Texas Took Different Routes to Vaccination

California and Texas, the country’s two most populous states, have taken radically different approaches to the pandemic and the vaccination campaign to end it.

California has trumpeted its reliance on science and policies it says are aimed at improving social equity.

Texas state officials have emphasized individual rights and protecting the economy, often ignoring public health warnings but encouraging vaccination — while calling it a personal choice.

Yet California’s commitment to equity doesn’t appear to have put the state ahead of Texas in vaccinating Latinos, who make up roughly 40% of the population in both states. Latinos have suffered disproportionately from COVID-19 because the poorest tend to live in crowded housing, get less quality health care and have been more likely to work outside the home.

In California, 22% of Hispanics had been vaccinated as of April 12; in Texas, 21%. …

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