California Ban On Fracking Fails To Advance

A far-reaching proposal to outlaw hydraulic fracturing and ban oil and gas wells from operating near homes, schools and healthcare facilities failed in the California Legislature on Tuesday, a major setback for progressive leaders who hail the state as the nation’s bellwether on environmental protection.

Gov. Gavin Newsom in September called on state lawmakers to ban fracking and voiced his support for safety buffer zones around wells, saying they posed a significant health threat to vulnerable Californians, primarily in predominantly Black and Latino communities near well fields and refineries.

The legislation that failed Tuesday was much more ambitious than what Newsom proposed, however, and faced fierce opposition from California’s oil industry, which holds tremendous political sway among Central Valley legislators, along with trade unions, a powerful force within the Democratic Party. …

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  1. More stupidity from little Wiener of San Fran. I’m sure he has sold his car, disconnected his gas line into his house, gave away his computer, microwave, TV, and any thing made of plastic.And of course he is chopping down the Coastal Redwoods to heat his house and build the whaling ships needed to kill whales for lamp oil. Way to go weenie!!

  2. I’m astonished that our Legislature, in their heart of hearts, actually did something useful. Something bad must be about to happen, like outlawing milk.

  3. Communist democrats have no concept of reality.

  4. About “Fraking” time! A glimmer of intelligence out of Sacramento.

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