California Bill Would Ban Most Pre-Employment Drug Tests For Marijuana

A new bill introduced in the state legislature seeks to prohibit California workplaces from using evidence of past marijuana use — such as that gathered during a urine or hair test — as a reason to deny someone a job.

The effort comes five years after Californians voted to legalize recreational weed.

But for many seeking jobs in state government, cannabis use can be an obstacle to getting hired. Job applicants in the private sector who use marijuana on their personal time can also be disqualified. 

Legalization advocates, including a legislator, are calling on the state to change employment laws. Critics say that the urine or hair tests can be used to show that a person has consumed marijuana in the past, but not whether they are actively intoxicated with THC, the drug’s chief psychoactive ingredient. …

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  1. Really??? says

    A company or person should have the right to hire a person who is and has been drug free.

    “…not whether they are actively intoxicated with THC….” This quote is intentionally deceptive. The restriction on hiring someone who ingests THC on weekends or at all should be the right of businesses. I know a number of businesses who hire people from AA intentionally. They give them a chance. They also have to pass weekly drug tests.

    Should that not be the case for THC?

  2. The Captive says

    Yes that sounds reasonable. CA loves to give the business a hard time bending the rules when THC is in the picture. How much of a chance would a THC driver on the freeway give a normal driver? That’s right NO CHANCE AT ALL because the THC driver has no normal mind to deal with it. You lose!

  3. Hah. Who wants to hire a dopehead? Not I.

    Does anyone understand English as she is written anymore?

    Intoxicated means you lose control of your behavior. Toxic = poisonous.

    They don’t call it dope for nothing.

  4. Donald J says

    Just another segment of the serfs the Left plays to for votes. Stupid is as stupid does…

  5. Does this also mean that a company is absolved of any liability when a dope head crashes into others with a company vehicle? or causes harm/death accident to himself or others?

  6. Just as sex ( in any form ) has become a weapon, just as racism ( in any form ) has become a weapon, Cannabis became a weapon of the government. When a drug charge could entice a person to plea deal guilty to a plethora of other charges, because a drug charge would be the death sentence on someone’s background check when they attempted to get a decent job. A plea deal also absolves a police officer from having to testify in court on his own time. Does anyone think a drug charge hanging over a suspects head could entice him or her to admit guilt on any other charge? That the damage that a stigma does. Drug charges are the third rail of a job application. The only drug I use is Atenolol to keep my high blood pressure in check when I read Twitter.

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