California braces for second wave of the coronavirus

Health experts have long warned of a potential second wave of the coronavirus as the economy reopens. But while other states have seen the first wave fade, the Golden State continues to see cases rise at a rapid clip.

California is one of about 20 states where new cases are increasing over the past five days, according to Johns Hopkins University.

A Los Angeles Times analysis shows that the number of weekly cases in California continues to rise, exceeding 17,000 last week for the first time in the pandemic. There were nearly 10,000 alone in Los Angeles County alone last week, according to the analysis. L.A. County and the Southland remain the California epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, but there have been some troubling increases in reported disease in some Bay Area counties.

Officials are not sure whether the new cases reflect a larger spike as the economy reopens or the result of increasing testing, or perhaps a combination of both. …

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  1. showandtell says

    We cannot trust these numbers, we’re awash in LIES and have been for months. I’d say “shame” but there is no shaming these people. Look what they have done! And they expect to be believed after all of it…. Amazing

  2. It would be more productive for the “experts” to simply shut up and focus on repairing their credibility.

  3. I have learned that Newsom is airlifting COVID patients from Mexico to inland hospitals, such as San Bernardino. This to bring up and cause a second wave of virus in CA.

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