California Crime Crackdown Inevitable in 2022


crime wave is stalking California. Some of the latest in a long line of incidents:

  • The Seasons 52 restaurant at South Coast Plaza was held up.
  • Thieves attacked Louis Vuitton and Sacks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills, smashing windows but unable to get inside.
  • In Walnut Creek, a flash mob of 80 thieves robbed a Nordstrom store and assaulted two employees.
  • Thieves hit the Louis Vuitton store in San Francisco’s Union Square, robbing and “ransacking” it, according to one account.

We’ve seen this before, during the “permissiveness” of the 1960s. The liberal Warren Court put a lot more limitations on police and prosecutors. It was named after Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren, a former California attorney general and governor.

That crime wave was part of the reason Ronald Reagan was elected governor in 1966 to replace liberal Gov. Pat Brown. Amid violent protests on California university campuses, much like today’s Antifa riots, Reagan took action. During riots in 1969 at UC Berkeley, he ordered in the California National Guard and threatened, “If it takes a bloodbath, let’s get it over with. No more appeasement.”

Voters later elected to the attorney general position such tough-on-crime candidates as Evelle Younger in 1970 and George Deukmejian in 1978, both Republicans. The latter became California’s governor in 1982, narrowly defeating Democratic Los Angeles Mayor Tom Brown. Deukmejian was a major proponent of the death penalty, a contrast to his anti-death penalty predecessor, Jerry Brown.

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  1. Stan Sexton says

    Retail will become a “Order at the Desk”, or Internet Order and Pick-Up” service. Already, stores like Best Buy are “hardening” by removing merchandise from shelves. Your store will become a warehouse. You will buy from empty samples or display props. Sort of like an Amazon warehouse with an order counter. That’s IF you have any retail “stores” left. Already, stores like Nordstrom are doing 50% of their business on the internet and the stores are increasingly used as warehouses to fill internet orders.

  2. While online shopping is growing in popularity, small community or area stores are disappearing rapidly. Two major things happen then: 1. The employees, who often have only basic skills are stranded on the job market. 2.The large corporation type facilities that sell on line are easily controlled by government. What is happening now is we have already destroyed huge numbers of the small stores/companies. The big online companies began to try to control the market in their favor and the government comes out with edicts that say if a store/corporation has over a certain number of employees they must meet state/federal edicts. Where do we, as the consumers, stand? You know that answer.

  3. The thousands of small businesses in CA were bankrupt due to the buffoonish shutdown policies of big city mayors and the governor. Add to that the permissive attitude towards crime, releasing violent prisoners from state prisons, paying people to stay home instead of being at work, and you a perfect storm of destruction by the unchallenged Democrat marxists running the state. Big businesses have left and are still leaving. And until the people of CA say ENOUGH and does something about it, CA will continue turning into a third world country.

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