California Democrats out to reverse another election rule to help one of their own

As reported by the Orange County Register:

First, Democrats hoping to protect one of their own passed a law changing the rules for a recall.

Now they are pressuring the state’s campaign watchdog to reverse a longstanding stance on contribution limits to once again benefit Sen. Josh Newman, who Republicans are seeking to punish for casting a vote to raise state gas taxes.

In 2002, the California Fair Political Practices Commission adopted a regulation that said state candidates are subject to contribution limits when they give money to a recall committee controlled by another state candidate. The FPPC interprets the law to mean that state politicians can’t give the Fullerton Democrat more than $4,400 each to fight his recall.

Roughly 15 years and two recall elections after the agency took the position, Senate Democrats are arguing the FPPC got it wrong. They say candidate committees should be able to give unlimited sums to a candidate-controlled recall committee, which would allow Newman to rely on fundraising by colleagues to help fend off the Republicans gunning for him. Democrats had the Legislature’s government lawyers study the issue, and on June 27 Legislative Counsel Diane Boyer-Vine issued an opinion predicting that courts would uphold a reversal of the FPPC’s longstanding interpretation. …

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  1. showandtell says

    Wow, if we didn’t know before just how desperately this legislature wants to maintain their 2/3 majority, in order to continue to steamroll us with their completely unacceptable nonsense, we certainly know it now! They have no shame.

  2. askeptic says

    Have at it butt-heads.
    BTW, don’t forget to specify the “extra braid” option on your Banana Republic uniforms.
    signed: An Ex-Californian

  3. Time for Trump to send in militia and physically remove the corruption in Mexifornia–including baldy

  4. Brenda Torres says

    Remember when Senator Reid changed the laws there on the majority rule….It came back to Bite Them!!! Democrats will NOT always be the majority here in California…We are learning fast, get ready for the next election to unseat a few of you….

  5. I’m inclined to call this “power happy corruption”, maybe topped with a sprinkling of “never mind voters who disagree with Us”. I used “Us” in the sense of the royal plural, since too many politicians seem to hold themselves as high above us taxpayers, as kings and queens used to hold themselves above serfs.

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