California is reviewing 23,500 state tax refunds it paid too soon

California erroneously sent refunds to 23,500 taxpayers last month, according to an announcement Tuesday from the state’s Franchise Tax Board.

The department responsible for collecting state personal income and corporate income taxes said a “system error” from March 8 to March 11 caused it to issue refunds to people without first verifying the amount of money people claimed was automatically taken out of their paycheck.

As a result, as many as 23,500 Californians might have their income tax returns adjusted, though the board said the vast majority aren’t expected to change.

The FTB said it will spend the next few weeks reviewing all of the affected accounts. …

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  1. Considering how much taxpayers pay this State to operate and do business, you would think they could do things right once in a while. DMV a mess. Healthcare a mess. Taxes a mess. Recycling plastic and cans a mess. Etc. etc. etc. Are they hiring illegals or just ignoramos employees?

  2. Mariel Martin says

    System error has occurred in far too many state-run instances–yet they want us to believe that registering to vote, voting, and audits of voting per-formed by computers is safe, non-hackable and the way of the future–let’s move into the 21st century! No, computerized elections are a way into a black hole of all sorts of system “errors,” manipulation, and possible deceit performed where no poll watcher or ordinary citizen can make meaningful observations.


  3. “…without first verifying the amount of money people claimed was automatically taken out of their paycheck.”

    My W-2 showed how much money I paid in withholding and my tax return showed a refund. What is the problem?

  4. Obviously, CA must increase every tax they assess and collect so that the FTB can continue it’s great work at an even higher level.

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