California Lawmakers Will Vote On Guaranteed Income Grants

Removed from her mother’s custody at age 17, Naihla De Jesus bounced between living with an aunt, a godmother and a boyfriend until landing in a transitional housing program for former foster kids.

She became ineligible for that program when she turned 24 last year, which normally would have ended her government assistance as a foster child. Instead, the taxpayers of Santa Clara County have been paying her $1,000 per month with no restrictions on how she can spend it, part of a unique “guaranteed income” program targeting former foster care children.

Now, the California Legislature is scheduled to vote Thursday on a bill that would help pay for guaranteed income programs like this across the state. It would be the first state-funded program of its kind in the country, a major step for supporters whose goal is to take guaranteed income nationally. …

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  1. Really??? says

    This is Communism under a different name.

    She has need but where is the indication she has used the time from 18-24 to educate herself and get at least a 2 year college certificate?

    The comment is she is being used as a “stalking dog” for something she should not need. Once again the comment of when is there the end? Calif. is faced with an expanding confiscation of wealth the hand out to those who have little intent on getting off the dole.

    A friend of mine father, was getting $2,000 a month as a jobless and homeless person. A qualified electrician with great skills. Did they tell him he had to pass a drug test? No. Did they tell him he had to prove he was actively seeking work? No. There was no penalty at the end of the carrot.

    Work ethic and self worth is being hammered into dust by these fools.

  2. Charles` D Noble says

    Thank GOD we moved out of the soviet socialist communist state of California and went back the the USA. Saved thousands in taxes, and fees. Better homes for less money low cost of living and lots of good jobs./

  3. The UBI policy, anywhere implemented, fails, and UBI proponents know this. Their goal is power and control, destroying individual determination by offering security for freedom. Communism in every imagined permutation, fails, yet thrives among stupid people, which goes a long way explaining the “education” system.

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