California Nurses Union Urges State to Reject CDC Guidance on Easing Mask Mandate

The largest union of registered nurses in California is asking state officials not to follow new guidance from the Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention on lifting mask mandates for people fully vaccinated against COVID-19, union officials said Sunday.

The California Nurses Association, an affiliate of the nation’s largest union of registered nurses, condemned the CDC’s guidance, calling it “a big blow to the safety and welfare of the nurses, front line workers, as well as the patients,” CNA president Zenei Triunfo-Cortez said in a phone interview Sunday.

“We have to understand that the pandemic is not over,” said Triunfo-Cortez. “There continues to be high rates of infection and people continue to die, even nurses.”

The CDC on Thursday said that fully vaccinated people do not have to wear a mask in most indoor and outdoor settings, bringing relief to some and surprise to others who feel that it was too soon. …

Click here to read the full article from the San Francisco Chronicle.


  1. This is a pure political issue. Leftists want people masked-up indefinitely / forever, in order to ensure “safety” not just from CoVid but from any other infection or flu that may come. Conservatives want people free to choose whether to wear a mask or not based on their own health status. Science has absolutely nothing to do with any of this. 80% of SF is now vaccinated–by any standard that’s herd immunity–and we are not permitted to go outside and breathe the pure air unfettered by masks? People will only throw off the yokes of government power when they flatly refusing to obey their masters. Yes, we are become slaves to the power-mad political leaders and tech companies, if one defines ‘slavery’ as the absence of basic freedoms guaranteed by the Constitutions of the US and State.

  2. You are 120% correct Carrie. Start by recalling Give Away Gavin!

  3. The AH that be are merely getting the unwashed acclimated to the whip crackin’ over their heads with nary a cotton ball in sight.

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