California officials praise Supreme Court ruling on independent redistricting commissions

A reported by the Los Angeles Times:

Political reformers in California and Arizona and the voters who supported them won a big round at the Supreme Court on Monday, when the justices upheld the use of independent redistricting commissions to draw election districts for members of Congress.

In a 5-4 decision, the justices said the Constitution did not prevent states from taking this power away from elected politicians and lodging it in the hands of a nonpartisan board.

The goal is to prevent partisan gerrymandering where lawmakers draw safe seats for their friends and allies. Arizona’s Republican Legislature went to court to challenge the decision of their voters, but they fell one vote short at the high court. …

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  1. When the Founders wished to speak of the people, they wrote “The People”; when they wished to speak of the states, they wrote “the Several States”; when they wished to speak of the three branches of the new Federal Republic, the wrote of the “Executive”, the “Legislature”, and the “Judiciary”. If the had meant to give the power of apportionment to The People, they would have said so, but instead granted that power to the Legislatures of the Several States.
    But, in the Bizarro World of Progressive-Think, words such as those stand in the way of the Living Constitution, keeping it from breathing

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