California sees signs of optimism in controlling coronavirus surge

Three weeks after Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered a retreat from the coronavirus and reinstated statewide shutdowns for much of the economy, it appears the plan is working: California’s outbreak is showing signs of slowing down.

Newsom rang cautiously optimistic at a news briefing in Sacramento County on Monday, noting that case counts and hospitalizations are dropping for the first time in several weeks. The percentage of people testing positive — a key indicator of the outbreak — is trending down too.

The state continues to see far more disease now than even a month ago, and the death toll is still climbing, public health experts noted. But it appears the decision to pause reopening in much of the state and implore the public to wear face coverings and avoid gatherings is paying off. …

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  1. The only thing I have seen Newsom succeed at is destroying the state. Consider this, If the masks and the six feet work why has he closed down the state? If albertsons and home depot etc are allowed to open under restrictions, maybe 1 person for every 100 sq feet with masks why does he not let all the stores open under the same restriction? I know one small store that only lets in one customer at a time. This is so oblivious that it can only be premeditated. The question is why is Newsom so intent to destroy peoples business and lives?

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