California Tax Addicts Set Sights on Property

From U-T San Diego:

A common refrain in California is that it’s awfully difficult to raise taxes because of Proposition 13 and other laws. But the reality is these obstacles have often been overcome. That’s why we have among the nation’s highest income, sales and gasoline taxes.

Because of Proposition 13’s limits on how much assessments can increase from year to year, California is in the middle of the pack nationally when it comes to property taxes. But now state Sen. Lois Wolk, D-Davis, is backing SB 1021, which would change the rules under which school districts can impose higher parcel taxes if two-thirds of local voters give their approval. Because of a dubious legal finding, the measure only requires majority approval by the Legislature, not the two-thirds approval required for many tax measures.

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  1. Marine101 says

    Liberal jackasses won’t be happy until Prop 13 is completely abolished. The trouble with the majority of voters is they’re either rich democrats (read Hollywood) or low income/uneducated renters who do not directly pay property taxes. They do however end up paying higher rent in compensation. They just don’t get it. It’s because they’re stupid.

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