California Tops Nation’s Highest Gas Prices at $6.43 Per Gallon

California is once again at the top of the charts, leading the nation in… wait for it… gas and diesel prices.

AAA reports today’s national average of $5.014 per gallon — California comes in at a cool $6.436 per gallon for Regular, and nearly $7.00 per gallon for Diesel.

California’s prices greatly top the national averages: The average for a gallon of regular gas in California is $6.436 per gallon, and a gallon of diesel is $6.991.

The Globe just took the photo above Monday June 13, 2022 at a Chevron gas station in Sacramento, CA.

With Regular at $6.79 and Diesel at $7.39, California’s gas prices are much higher than the state average and even higher than Hawaii and Alaska.

The Wall Street Journal reported Monday:

“California, Oregon and Washington have traditionally had higher fuel costs than the national average due to a lack of refineries and pipelines that can pump in domestic oil, said Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at price tracker GasBuddy. These states have to pay higher prices to ship in oil, much of it from abroad, which then gets passed down to the consumer, he said.”

AAA reports that Georgia drivers are paying on average $4.484 per gallon of gas – the lowest in the country.

Florida drivers are paying $4.891 per gallon of gas.

Indiana drivers are paying $5.221 per gallon of gas.

Tennessee drivers are paying $4.642 per gallon of gas.

Mississippi drivers are paying $4.524 per gallon of gas.

Texas drivers are paying $4.664 per gallon of gas.

California drivers are paying $6.436 per gallon of gas.

The Wall Street Journal noted that “states along the Gulf Coast, including Texas and Louisiana, are among the states with the cheapest gas because of the abundance of fuel refineries, pipelines and domestic sources of oil in the region.”

Click here to read the full article in the California Globe


  1. Really??? says

    Newsom promised a suspension of the gas tax that would be a laser focus on those workers that us gas for work and daily life. He folded like the cheap political suit he is.

    Newsom has stated the State will “INCREASE” the gas tax after saying the workers needed help. (another lie)

    Newsom and Democrats just passed the State Budget. Where is the worker relief from gas tax? No where the are mailing rebate of $400 for two vehicle maximum regardless if you pay gas tax. Political Lie and Fraud.

    Newsom and the Democrats don’t get it that the now repudiation of his word to suspend the gas tax would have increased the M-1 money supply without printing any more money….. This would have had a two fold relief to the workers and as a result is another fraud upon the workers of the State.

    Now the question is why would you ever vote for a Democrat since this is a political Party that is willing to lie, defraud, the public. Even worse they have no idea how the real world of money works…after all they are Socialists/Communist who dumb about money and value.

  2. john kindseth says

    Gruesome could Eliminate the PHONEY, uESLESS, CROOKED Gas “Save the eaerth” tax, like it is doing anything to save the earth !!!! What a phoney dipshit of a govenor. He loves taxes but produces nothing with them but bureaucraps.

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