California’s Coronavirus Relief Program for Unemployed Immigrant Workers

Locked out of state unemployment benefits, hundreds of thousands of out-of-work immigrants are facing additional hurdles to tap into a new California program offering a $500 one-time payment during the COVID-19 pandemic to those without legal status.

Struggling to pay living expenses, immigrant workers are finding jammed phone lines and overwhelmed staff at the nonprofits tasked with distributing the funds as they compete for a dwindling pot of money that state officials acknowledge isn’t enough to help all who need it.

Efforts to rally private contributions to supplement the $75 million in taxpayer money set aside for the program by Gov. Gavin Newsom have so far fallen short of meeting a $50-million goal. …

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  1. TheRandyGuy says

    So, “private contributors” are refusing to give monetary support illegals who by law shouldn’t be here in the first place? Good.

  2. California taxpayers owe these ILLEGAL NOTHING..If you don’t like it mexicos border is right there and you can leave…You give this scum taxpayer money and DEMOCRAPS WILL PAY BIG TIME IN NOVEMBER..Californians are FED UP WITH YOUR CORRUPT PARTY

  3. Have you finally had enough yet?
    for these,
    They are illegally buying votes from these invaders, AND USING YOUR TAX DOLLARS TO DO IT!
    They don’t give a damn for us.
    They don’t even care about the illegal invaders who are receiving this money.
    They only care about staying in office, and for the power and control that they want to keep extolling over us all.

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