California’s COVID-19 Cases Rising As Delta Variant Spreads

California broadly reopened its economy barely two weeks ago and since then an especially contagious coronavirus variant has spread among the unvaccinated, a development that has health officials on edge and already has prompted Los Angeles County to strongly recommend everyone resume wearing masks inside.

The nation’s most populous state is averaging close to 1,000 additional cases reported daily, an increase of about 17% in the last 14 days. Officials expected an increase when capacity limits were lifted for businesses and most mask restrictions and social distancing requirements were eliminated for vaccinated people.

But public health officials raised concern this week with the more transmissible delta variant spreading among the unvaccinated, who comprise the vast majority of new infections. LA County, where a quarter of the state’s nearly 40 million people live, recommended Monday that vaccinated residents resume wearing face coverings indoors after detecting that about half of all cases were the delta variant. …

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  1. Is this more BS to continue the effects of the pandemic?

  2. This is a result of the left’s extremist controlling California, and the country!!! They have blood on their hands for the open border policies they embrace as a path to replacing Americans with illegals who will work cheap, and already adjusted to a tyrannical government.

  3. If Newscum wasn’t being recalled we’d already be buried in masks!

  4. Of course the little despots have to keep up the “scare”. Fear is the root of tyranny.

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