Capitol heats up with end-of-session rush of legislation

As reported by the San Francisco Chronicle:

SACRAMENTO — With more than 300 bills and a Friday deadline to vote on them, the state Legislature is on a hurried pace this week to decide weighty issues ranging from how much Californians will pay in taxes to how ambitiously the state will combat climate change.

The end-of-session push will also include legislation on whether doctors should be allowed to help terminal patients die earlier, whether students who failed the high school exit exam in past years should be awarded their diplomas, and whether the smoking age should be raised from 18 to 21.

The Friday deadline coincides, coincidentally, with the day Sacramento throws a huge heroes’ parade near the Capitol for the Americans who stopped a gunman on a French train — and on what is expected to be the Capital’s hottest day of a weeklong heat wave. The temperature is forecast to peak at 107 degrees.

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  1. It would be too much to expect that a sense of sanity would roll through the Capitol, and they would just not take any votes and then go home at 4pm Friday.

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