Construction of border wall panels underway in California

New reinforced panels are being used to strengthen the border wall in the Calexico area of California.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), in partnership with the Army Corps of Engineers, announced a new panel installation on an 11-mile section of wall within the Border Patrol’s San Diego sector on Thursday.

The new panels will replace the existing secondary barrier with 30-foot tall steel bollards as well as technology improvements, according to the CBP.

CBP says the El Centro and San Diego Sectors have been experiencing high levels of illegal-immigrant traffic. They hope this new addition to the wall will help support the Department of Homeland Security in hindering illegal crossings, and in quelling drug and smuggling activities. …

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  1. Damocles says

    Yep that will rally stop the drug trade because everyone knows that they can’t did a tunnel under the wall or just throw drugs over it or simply stuff the drugs through the slots in the fence .Right ?
    from the sword of—

  2. Well, we certainly don’t want San Franfrisco caught with a surplus of clean needles, do we???

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