Cutting Taxes One Diaper at a Time

From the San Diego Union-Tribune:

 — Some prominent California legislators are trying to jump-start a “conversation” about raising (or extending) taxes, which is how Sacramento politicians often set the stage for potentially unpopular policies. Meanwhile, two San Diego-area legislators are pushing for something that doesn’t often get discussed in the Capitol: tax cuts.

The proposal is modest, but is interesting because the politicians co-sponsoring the legislation come from opposite ends of the political spectrum. Democratic Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez of San Diego, doesn’t often team up with Republican Sen. Joel Anderson of El Cajon, but find themselves simpatico when it comes to taxing diapers.

Last year, Gonzalez proposed an $80 monthly (per infant) diaper subsidy to families on welfare. She said poor parents could barely afford this necessary product — and a state subsidy would help people get jobs given that child-care centers usually require parents to provide diapers. The bill ultimately was killed given its $119 million price tag.

This year, she’s still focused on diapers, but is taking a different approach. …

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  1. Either way diapers usually end up full of ……………! What happened to
    washing the reusable cloth diapers, oh I forgot were in a drought.

  2. I find this proposal a little more appealing that paying the families an additional &$80 month in diaper allowances, many of which, would end up on the black market if they were in fact purchased’
    Who would be in charge of reviewing (so t speak) the soiled diapers to insure compliance with program requirements??

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