Democrats push new rules to help them win an election

As reported by the Sacramento Bee:

Democrats are pushing late-blooming bills to significantly improve state Sen. Josh Newman’s odds of surviving an effort by the state GOP and others to recall him from office.

The proposed changes, which became public Monday morning, would add months to the existing timeline of certifying a recall election for the ballot. The measure would virtually assure that any recall election would be held at the regularly scheduled June 5, 2018 legislative primary election.

Regular election turnout historically is much higher than turnout for special elections, which helps Democrats.

The effort to recall Newman, D-Fullerton, began soon after his April 6 vote for a road-funding plan that will raise taxes on gas and diesel and vehicle fees by billions of dollars. Newman, who represents an area that has long had Republican representation, won election last fall by just 2,498 votes.

Republican lawmakers and other recall supporters denounced Monday’s legislation as an abuse of power. …

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  1. Ask any Democrat. They believe abuse of power can only occur if the Republicans are in charge.

  2. Tack Anderson says

    Progressive liberalism is/has taken over our country period. We the GOP are complacent sheep! Look around folks, it’s done! The Constitution is nothing more than an old piece of paper, Federal laws written years ago to protect our boarders and the people are laughed at, our schools are nothing more than social engineering institutions and the media supports, promotes and defends it. The Republic Of The United States and all those that died to bring it to us are dust!

  3. I just don’t know what to say. This better not pass.

  4. showandtell says

    Here is Josh Newman seeming to feign ignorance about a document that spells out how the gas tax he voted for will actually be used:
    “Senator Josh Newman oblivious that his gas tax vote funds a shadow government climate change plan”

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