Dozens of Arrests in EDD Jobless Fraud Cases

A California task force formed five months ago to investigate fraudulent unemployment claims involving incarcerated people said that there have so far been 68 arrests and that it has opened 1,641 other inquiries.

The report last week by the statewide task force comes after local prosecutors warned that potentially tens of thousands of fraudulent claims have been filed involving people in prison and jail that could total $2 billion.

Gov. Gavin Newsom announced in November that he was asking state officials to form a task force with federal prosecutors and county district attorneys who had already begun investigating improper claims filed in the names of people behind bars, including those on death row.

The Newsom administration released an update on its investigations April 26, shortly after Secretary of State Shirley N. Weber reported there were sufficient signatures to qualify for the ballot an effort to recall the governor. …

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  1. Really??? says

    And who is being indicted?

    Who of the Political Left being fired for prejudice and at a minimum of incompetence?

    They will release updates but hardly do a thing. It is like Padilla being told the voter rolls are corrupt to over 400,000 and did nothing to recognize reality of a corrupt election system under Democrats.

    And you still vote Democrat?

  2. Democrats now control California and Washington. They are embarked on the biggest political power grab in American history. They want it all, forever. They act as if a majority of voters support increasing their scope of influence over our lives. We are told to ignore the fact our economy took off with record numbers under an apolitical flamboyant business man. Well run businesses do not put up with multi billion dollar, wasteful, monumentally stupid, criminal job performance. Only smug uncaring politicians and bureaucrats.
    I say let’s pass a law that subtracts dollar for dollar, government waste from government pay and benefits and see what happens.

  3. Really??? and Hans are right on!

    Absolutely nothing will become of this!!

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