Failed Recall Widens Rifts In GOP

California Republicans thought they found a unifying rallying cry in the recall attempt against Gov. Gavin Newsom. Instead, the campaign exposed — and even worsened — some of the long-standing clashes between the establishment and grass-roots base, while leaving unsettled the question of how the party can stop its losing streak in the state.

The GOP can take comfort in knowing it made Newsom sweat far more than any Democrat has in the last decade of statewide races, at least until the polls closed and the governor easily prevailed.

The lopsided outcome underscores how the party’s daunting climb back to political relevance is made all the more difficult by the recall effort’s missed opportunities and internecine squabbles.

The state party failed to coalesce around a candidate to replace Newsom or muster the money to counter the governor’s sizable war chest. The candidate long seen by Republican leaders as a potential savior — Kevin Faulconer, the moderate former mayor of San Diego — failed to gain traction with voters. Larry Elder captivated the conservative base, but moderates and hard-liners alike worry about his ability to expand his support if he runs for governor next year. …

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  1. Carol Elliott says

    As a delegate I saw the shenanigans since last year. The push for Faulkner by the rulers of the cagop. When they put forward the rule change to endorse a candidate, many of us knew who the chosen one was. We pushed back and ultimately the “leaders” told us to vote for no endorsement. Maybe a “moderate” is how the gop could win in California but so many conservatives were tired of holding their noses and voting for the chosen one, nationally, McCain,Romney who both showed their true colors ultimately. That why we voted for President Trump in 2016. We were correct then and until we stand firm against the likes of Patterson we will never regain California

  2. It wasn’t just failure to rally around a candidate. It was the failure of the establishment state party that refused to strongly back the recall.

    They quietly backed the RINO from San Diego.

    The largest and best organized activity I saw was with the Tea Party and Conservative Republicans.

    What does this mean for the next election?

    • You are exactly right. I worked on the recall for over a year, and it wasn’t until it looked like it would happen that the GOP decided to jump in. They are the most ball-less group in existence. To the GOP, stand up and fight, stand up to the lies of the left, stand up even if it cost YOU your life. Freedom is only won by the brave, those that are willing to give all!

  3. Robin Itzler says

    The wine-and-cheese Republicans who head up organizations that often ignore the Republican base will sit on their yachts debating what happened, but the answer is very simple. When Newsom had MULTIPLE candidates running against him in the recall, there was a 50/50 chance that the recall could prevail since the focus was always on Newsom’s abysmal performance. The moment the recall side had ONE candidate leading the pack, Newsom was able to morph the election from a referendum on his atrocious performance to a referendum on his “opponent.” Elder? Kiley? Cox? Faulconer? Jenner? All Newsom needed was ONE person to be the front-runner and with Larry Elder, who I voted for, he also got the Trump connection.

    Republican elitists might have preferred Faulconer, but many “America First” MAGA Republicans would have sat home.

    Also, as difficult as it is to believe, there are many Marxist-leaning Californians who prefer highest income taxes in the nation, highest gas taxes in the nation, homeless setting up tents on city streets (of course, not where THEY live), forest mismanagement, water mismanagement, giving government freebies to illegal aliens, AND pandemic insanity.

  4. I say the Democrats are the racists they did not want a strong BLACK, FIRST in the HISTORY of California, a BLACK Governor. I turn it all around on them, the progressive, leftist Marxists that make all the virtue signaling about the Republican racists and then shrink when it turns around to bite them in the ass. By the way if 6 million voted for Trump where were they when it came to voting Newsom out? Lazy bastards or did the Dems do what they do best with “mail in ballots”, CHEAT CHEAT CHEAT! The rules always work for them and we are weak sisters that just are apathetic to the gross decay that they have morphed this once beautiful State into.

  5. The true believing prog radicals, even in CA, are a small minority. Most prog support comes from the mushy middle who have benefitted from the almost entirely fake and unsustainable welfare state the progs have erected.
    That welfare state has been dependent on the almost entirely fictitious wealth that has accumulated over the last 20-25 years, created mostly by basically and increasingly insane Fed monetary policy. No state has benefitted more from the repeated asset bubbles and vast debt those Fed policies have enabled.
    Problem is, that bender cannot and will not last. When it does end the little blips of 2000 and 2008 and 2020 will seem tiny by comparison especially because one of these times the well will be dry and…no more asset bubbles or “free” debt. Once the fake Silicon Valley cap gains wealth and the fake RE values etc stop filling the welfare state coffers and start taking a 50% bite out of cushy state pensions progs are going to have a hard time finding a friend, even if they do buy a dog.

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