FBI: Hate crimes rose 58% in San Francisco

Hate crimes jumped 58% in San Francisco last year even as they appeared to level off across California and the nation, new FBI figures show.

The city’s surge in hate crimes, which local leaders called troubling, was driven by an increase in incidents in which people were accused of targeting victims due to their race or ethnicity. The number of racially motivated crimes more than doubled last year, from 19 in 2017 to 41 in 2018, making up the majority of San Francisco’s 68 reported hate crimes.

The FBI’s annual report on hate crime in the U.S. doesn’t seek to explain trends.

But leaders in San Francisco’s effort to reduce crime pointed to two factors that may explain the rise: better reporting of hate crimes because of increased trust between victims and law enforcement, and a political climate in which President Trump’s vilification of immigrants and people of color may be empowering offenders. …

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  1. Also a tendency for Deep Pockets to pay out for people claiming Hate Crimes. Word gets around.

  2. In San Francisco if you report a crime (when you kick a bum out for defecating by your front door, turning in an illegal alien for drunk driving, or trying to rob you or shoot a family member dead) you are a hater.

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