Gavin Newsom Declares Drought Emergency In Two California Counties

Gov. Gavin Newsom officially declared a drought emergency Wednesday in one of the driest regions of California, the Russian River watershed in Northern California.

While the governor stopped short of declaring a statewide drought, the move makes various forms of drought assistance available for Sonoma and Mendocino counties and could allow the state to take swifter action on curtailing farmers and others from pulling water from the river.

Newsom said his order won’t bring the imposition of water-conservation mandates, however.

The Democratic governor issued the declaration during a visit to Lake Mendocino in Ukiah, where he stood in a cracked, dry lake bed that vividly demonstrated the impact of the drought. …

Click here to read the full article from the Sacramento Bee.


  1. Francois P Jerins says

    Funny. I went to see the lake my self. It’s down, but there’s enough water in it. Gaven seems to push his agenda of control over us.

  2. Of course! He is doing anything to bolster his pathetic, Clairol Kid image before the RECALL vote.

  3. This would be a non problem if bond issues passed by the voters and, the money raised actually went towards water projects.

  4. Our population has at least quadrupled or more since we built our last dam in this state. We welcome illegal aliens who use the water and now our leaders want us to use less water. Is there something wrong with this picture? YES!

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