Gavin Newsom wants California to be its own nation-state in the Trump era

Gavin newsomJust five weeks into the job, Gov. Gavin Newsom has crystallized his vision of what California will look like in the Trump era: It won’t just be the hub of the resistance against the president; it will be its own nation-state.

But before Newsom can create a country-within-a-country, he had to defuse two multibillion-dollar grenades that his predecessor, Gov. Jerry Brown, left in his in-box: high-speed rail and the delta tunnels project. In proposing Tuesday to scale back both of Brown’s unpopular legacy projects, Newsom hopes he can preserve enough political capital to get his own legacy projects on the fast track.

If he can do that, he can lead California down its own path for as long as Trump is president. California must go it alone, because Trump’s portrait of America is “fundamentally at odds with California values,” the governor said Tuesday in his first State of the State speech. …

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  1. Anonymous says

    Bye. Take those illegals with you.

  2. Elisa E Brent says


  3. Watching the 80 buck an hour contract employees pressure hose the poop off of San Franfrisco’s streets sort of gives one an indication of what California will look like in four years. A half eaten paper plate of beans and rice lying in the middle of the street.

  4. askeptic says

    Go Forth Gavin, Go Forth and Wither & Die.

  5. Donald J says

    Gee, the California voters )/) have already given you the Socialist State of California! What more could you want. Those of us on the other side of the boarder would love to see a wall around your mess and visits to the good side would require a passport (legal one of course).

  6. Really Govenor Newsom? So, now California is either (a) seceded from the Union (which is absolutely can’t do) or (b) you’ve chose to make California like a communist dictatorship? Perhaps we conservatives should remind him of former Gov. Gray Davis? Memory seems short with Sacramento political hacks. It sure as heck isn’t with those of us living under their stupidity.

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