Golden State Ideas Inspire Biden

After four years of being relentlessly targeted by a Republican president who worked overtime to bait, punish and marginalize California and everything it represents, the state is suddenly center stage again in Washington’s policy arena.

California is emerging as the de facto policy think tank of the Biden-Harris administration and of a Congress soon to be under Democratic control. That’s rekindling past cliches about the state — incubator of innovation, premier laboratory of democracy, land of big ideas — even as it struggles with surging coronavirus infections, a safety net frayed by the pandemic’s toll, crushing housing costs and wildfires, all fueling an exodus of residents.

There is no place the incoming administration is leaning on more heavily for inspiration in setting a progressive policy agenda. …

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  1. Vince Cicoria says

    California – an “incubator of innovation…” ?? You must be kidding!! It’s been far more a ‘INCUBATOR’ of DESTRUCTION; a ONE-PARTY state for decades, with among the highest taxes, biggest deficits, largest (by far – and growing) homeless population in the nation, and its PRODUCTIVE population now leaving in droves!!! PREDICTABLY, the (equally) failing and socialist L.A. Times’ along with its so-called “Democrat Progressive” cohorts who run the state have jumped on the (equally socialist) big tech/big media monopoly, socialist propaganda band-wagon to blame Trump for California’s disastrous “progressive policy agenda” FAILURES, when Trump actually “worked overtime” to create (in 3 years) the most productive, AND MOST PROGRESSIVE, U.S. Economy in all of American, not to mention human, history!! INCUBATOR INDEED !!

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