GOP Hopefuls Target Newsom In First Debate

Four Republicans hoping to replace Gov. Gavin Newsom if he falls in the Sept. 14 recall election took turns blaming the governor for the state’s problems during a debate peppered with vows to end pandemic-related mask mandates, enact massive tax cuts and abolish state and local sanctuary policies that offer protections for immigrants without legal status.

The four Republican candidates onstage — former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, businessman John Cox, Assemblyman Kevin Kiley of Rocklin and former Northern California Rep. Doug Ose — offered a bleak portrait of a state guided by the liberal policies of Newsom and California’s Democratic leadership: rising violent crime, businesses fleeing the state and homeless encampments lining city streets.

Both Cox and Ose said they favored changing California law to force treatment on homeless people who are experiencing mental illness or addicted to drugs. Kiley said as governor he would ensure law enforcement officials in California cooperated with federal immigration agencies to crack down on people entering the country illegally.

Though all four candidates were united in their opposition to mask and vaccination mandates, arguing that decisions should be left to individuals, their approaches varied. …

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  1. Really??? says

    Do not watch the skill set of those in the debates. Listen to the online catch phrases.

    Is it pandering or are there real world answers.

    Newsom lied about the broken choo choo, so where is the Billions wasted going to be returned? Newsom stole $6 Billion of road funds for bikes while the freeways continue to crumble. Newsom refused to aggressively manage forests to knock down fires. Newsom followed Brown’s anti farm and refused to go after new dams and increased storage.

    This is just a part of problem of Democrats and their party.

    So when you listen to the debate will Newsom give excuses and alibi’s?

    Will the opposition detail immediate answers and long term solutions? Or will they fall into he is bad I am great?

  2. Tracker 1 says

    I missed Larry Elders, who should have been included. Who decides who will participate? If it is the current leaders of the Republican party they are corrupt.

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