Gov. Brown Prohibits Californians from Openly Carrying Handguns

From the Bay Citizen:

Hours after Gov. Jerry Brown announced he had signed a bill to prohibit Californians from openly carrying unloaded handguns, law enforcement officials and Bay Area activists on both sides of the issue were divided about the newly passed legislation.

AB 144 bans the open carrying of handguns in public places or in vehicles, and makes the act a misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in prison or a maximum $1,000 fine.

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  1. Digging the states law-abiding residents ever deeper into the fetid socialist quagmire is not good. However Browns motives seem clear. Despite pleas for bipartisanship going unheeded, and unable to employ the initiative process to seek voter appoval for tax raising, Brown felt he needed to deal with the majority party devil. But the Democrat party in its desperate hunt for a path to taxation, may have tipped the balance. Whats left to twist the minority Republican arms with? The national upswing trend in 2nd Amendment re-affirmation marks this a bad deal. Firearms owners and the industry is vehemently polarized against a party that shirks our state fiscal emergancy and instead focuses on nanny-state, do-nothing-but-violate-rights legislation. Redistricting, and the outraged electorate will ultimately restore balance to this grossly lopsided political landscape. We will simply have to consign the progressives to the crushing forces of time and truth. And challenge each legislative obscenity in court, of course.

  2. Alan Cotta says

    What the hell diffrence does it make to speak your mind. I e-mailed all the comm. members on these issues as well as the gov. But it seems that the only thing the left is interested in doing is playing big brother and protecting us from ourselfs, instead of doing something to help the people of this state who need jobs housing etc.\
    These are the same nincompoops that think high speed rail is the savior, but will only dig the hole deeper.
    its no wondwer people are looking for ways to get out of this state.

    • Alan, you cannot give up. These elected fruits and vegetables live in a kind of 1700s french aristocratic fantasy, where they believe they really are doing the heavy lifting for everyones benefit. In their tiny little heads. Remember what happened to Marie Antoinettes?

  3. Typical Brown and California State Legislature

    Last I heard we do have a constitution in the United States

    Endorse a law and place it into effect that violates rights and freedoms given to us by our forefathers and the framers of the constitution. This is an end run for a power grab. When are Californians going to get it straight, they keep voting for people that only SUCK the life blood out of California. Ooooooooo make me so mad,, Grrrrrrrrrrrr…rassa frassa, rassa frassa.

    Thank you Mr. Brown for Attempting to change the Right to Bear Arms.

    Telling anyone that cannot arm themselves at any time has the same effect as telling a bear he can’t crap in the woods!.

    What’s next, telling a expectant mother she can’t give birth until you say so? Try telling that to the child being born.

    Simply ludicrous that legislature would even consider this is an understatement. Just once I would love to see everyone vote for what they need, versus what they want. What we need now is strong leadership that is going to do things (as much as they may sting) that will enhance society rather than detracting and placing society into positions of less worth.

    I hate paying bills, but I still gotta pay em like everyone else. and it stinks and stinks that we pay so much to live here and get so little out of it.

    I think I am gonna vote for Snoopy next time. At least I know I will be voting for an established cartoon and comic strip versus a dooms day epitaph. Snoopy makes me laugh.

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