Gov. Brown signs legislation regulating cow, landfill emissions

As reported by the Orange County Register:

SACRAMENTO – Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill Monday that regulates for the first time greenhouse-gas emissions tied to dairy cows and landfills, an escalation of California’s efforts to fight climate change beyond carbon-based gases to include methane and other pollutants.

The move by the Democratic governor targets a category of gases known as short-lived climate pollutants, which have an outsize effect on global warming despite their relatively short life in the atmosphere. Environmentalists hope that tackling short-lived pollutants now would buy time to develop new and more affordable technology to reduce carbon emissions.

The legislation will require steep reductions in a variety of pollutants, including methane; HFC gases used in aerosols and air conditioning refrigerants; and soot, known as black carbon. It’s tied to $90 million in funding for the dairy industry and garbage collectors. …

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  1. This is toooooo dumb-stupid -IGNORANT to believe! I don’t and won’t!’
    This is what the LEFT IS ABOUT! They make up their minds and do not know the facts! That’s CA. government because it is the LEFT!. Did you watch BULL last night—that’s what a jury is about also. The facts don’t matter simply because there is a faction that is LEFT–MINDLESS AND HAVE their minds made up!

    • To the Captive:
      I guess you don’t read the newspapers (left or right wing) or watch the news programs on TV. The story about cow farts is not made up. It is factual, which shows the mind set of our illustrious governor who thinks that cattle are creating the pollution in this state. More pollution is generated in Sacramento.
      I think a better approach would be to install large corks into the rears of the cattle, aim them all at the state capitol and let them fly! That might shake up a few legislators (literally).

      • CA is LEFT —— those who govern it are mostly left —
        I have heard about this insane move to TAX FARTS for a while and It is so stupid – but that’s what CA state govt. is all about TAX TAX TAX! Will CA. ever be rid of LIB-LEFTISTS? YOU did not read what I wrote.

  2. Should we really expect less from fart-face Brown and the ding-a-ling urban flatland Senator Lara from (appropriately) BELL-gardens?

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