Guns, gas and soda – most California tax proposals died at the Capitol, but a few remain

California lawmakers this year put forward new tax proposals that would have hit soda drinkers, bankers and gun owners  not to mention anyone with a car.

Most of those proposals died this week in a major culling of bills, leaving only a handful of tax measures in place.

Some of them died before they reached the Senate and Assembly Appropriations Committees, while others were pulled by their authors. The remaining were left to consideration on Thursday by the two checkpoint committees that decide which bills can move forward this legislative session. …

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  1. askeptic says

    I believe the elimination of the sales tax on diapers is needed – our legislators are terribly burdened by this fee because they soil theirs so frequently.
    ‘Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason.’
    – Mark Twain

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