Hundreds Rally in Occupy O.C. Protest

From the OC Register:

More than 600 people rallied and marched Saturday to protest corporate influence in this city considered by some as the financial hub of Orange County, in a demonstration of solidarity with the grassroots Occupy Wall Street movement that began in New York and appears to be spreading intrernationally.

People of all ages and from many walks of life joined in a mile-long trek starting and ending on the lush lawn at Irvine City Hall, with a stop at Corporate Park Plaza at Jamboree Road and Barranca Parkway.

Anya Swanson, the wife of a Camp Pendleton Marine who has completed a tour in Iraq, wore flip flops and carried her 3-year-old daughter Sydney on her shoulder.

The San Clemente woman said she joined the Occupy Orange County protest to push to get money out of politics.

“I have no voice in this country,” said Swanson, balancing the 30-pound toddler on her shoulder as she walked along Jamboree with some motorists honking their support for the marchers.

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  1. It’s interesting to see that the movement even has a presence in the Red County of O.C.. While most Tea Party members have not felt much affinity with the Occupy Wall Street members, to quote Zach St. George writing in Humboldt County’s North Coast Journal, “their members might find more in common if they paused to consider.”

    I read in our local media that in Arcata CA., even the Mayor was out in support of the Occupy Arcata protesters. But I must point out that while many in Arcata support the right of these “occupiers” to hold up their signs with any number of statements and demands, if one of these protesters dares to include a request for donations on one of those signs, they will be in violation of Arcata’s Panhandling Ordinance–over which, as covered on The Journal’s Blogthing , I am currently suing the city.

    If we want to support free speech for Tea Party Members and Wall Street Occupiers alike, we need to also tolerate free speech by panhandlers.

    Richard W. Salzman
    Arcata CA
    (Founding member of Humboldt Civil Liberties Defense Fund )

    • James V. Lacy says

      I think the issue is the difference between “free” political speech and “free but regulatable” commercial speech. The courts have always upheld that “commercial speech” (an Exxon sign) is entitled to First Amendment protection, but can also be subject to some forms of regulation (as in sign ordinances). Political speech, on the other hand, is referred to as an expression of First Amendment rights “at their zenith.” It cannot be regulated unless the regulation serves a “compelling state interest” and is as narrow as possible. Thus you DO NOT have to tolerate signs by panhandlers in the same way as political signs of any philosophy. And political donation invitations are still highly protected speech and not considered “commercial speech.” It is an important distinction that naturally would be lost on the Arcata City Council.

      You refer to the Mayor as if he/she was some establishment figure. Isn’t the Mayor a member of the Green Party? Oh, that must be establishment in your home town!

  2. I thought the Supreme Court just ruled that “money” was “speech”?
    Telling someone they can hold up a sign to sell stuff, but not one asking for a hand out seems like they are basing it on content: and free speech means not telling someone what they can or can not say.

    BTW, the Mayor of Arcata, Susan Ornelas, is a Republican, but maybe doing a web search before you post would present you with facts, which something of which your arguments are clearly unencumbered by.

  3. My oh my, look what the City of Irvine just did in your beloved Orange County (or are they all Green Party members too?):

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