Hunters, fishermen turn out in droves to support embattled Fish & Game chief

From SJ Mercury:

Dan Richards, the beleaguered president of the state Fish and Game Commission, received an outpouring of support Wednesday from outdoor enthusiasts, many of whom accused Democratic legislators of conducting a witch hunt to oust him for killing a mountain lion in Idaho.

At a commission hearing in Riverside, a parade of hunters, fishermen and others told Richards to resist calls for him to step down. In Sacramento, meanwhile, top lawmakers delayed a vote to oust him.

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  1. Dan, you sound like and are appreciated as a true sportsman and outdoorsman unlike your detractors and the political conspirators in the Capital of our once Great State. One more very good reason for reducing their sessions…

  2. A real sportsman would go hunting with just a Knife or a club.This guy is a coward and a complete ASS HOLE ,Probably a Democrap

  3. Al Metcalf says

    There is nothing worse than people who have no knowledge of a situation, sticking their nose into the issue. And that is exactly what we have here. Elected fools with no knowledge of game management in Idaho making a lot of noise for politica gain with citizens who, once again have no knowledge of the issues.
    Lions are hunted in Idaho, for the same reason that deer are hunted in PA. There are too many of them in the area for the food supply to support. If not harvested, they are prone to desease and starvation which will affect the entire population of animals. Thinning the population increases the living conditions of those left breed.
    Come on all you boneheads, wake up, why do you think Africa has so many problems, it is called overpopulation. There is more breeding than the land can support without educated people and modern farming.
    It is the same problem, just a different species of animal.
    Dan Richards was doing the Lion population a big favor. It was not so good for this individual lion but that is the way it goes.

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