In Mexican Campaigns, Stakes Can Be Life Or Death

Her campaign rally was already heating up, with a live band belting out ranchera beats on the street, when Rosa Alma Barragán sent out a hastily made video on Facebook in hopes of drawing an even bigger crowd.

“Come and listen,” she said from the city of Moroleón, where she was running for mayor. “Come and share a moment. Together we can make things better…. I’ll wait for you here.”

It wasn’t just her admirers who took note.

An hour or so after her shout-out, gunmen in a convoy of sedans and motorcycles crashed the festivities, scattering the crowd with a spray of bullets that left four people wounded and Barragán dead on the ground.

The assassination Tuesday afternoon stunned Mexico. But it was remarkable only in its brazenness.

Election season in Mexico is a whirlwind of impassioned debates and confetti-strewn rallies — and a steady stream of intimidation, threats and deadly attacks against candidates. …

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  1. Really??? says

    OK and the point is?

    Mexico for centuries has sold government to the highest bidder. Right now it is the drug cartels.

    This is exactly the type of social structure the illegals from the south are bringing into the nation.

    What you say? Yep they bring in a social and governmental view that is almost 100% opposite if the English system. It is the Romantic vs Anglo system of justice and society. But you see this is what the Communists and Dictator types want.

    We don’t need no stink-in Puritan values….we need graft.

  2. For the American communist democrat this is a goal and a dream.

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